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Find and recruit top talent from LinkedIn for free

Social medias power and influence are unimaginable and have aided in taking recruitment to the next level Virtual recruitment across social media has been booming since the advent of the pandemic LinkedIn has been prominent among the social networks and the top priority for recruiters to attract

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Quarterly reviews
Quarterly Reviews to Save Your Organization from Annual Performance Headaches

Are you someone who waits for the entire year to conduct performance reviews  If yes then this strategy might be disastrous for your performance management plans in the future Employees can leave anytime and you dont come across poorly performing employees only a month before the annual performa

4 min read
Strategic Human Resource Management
Acing the Strategic Human Resource Management Process! 

One of the most critical obstacles companies face in todays competitive business environment is attracting and retaining qualified and skilled personnel No plan no matter how welldesigned will thrive unless the company has the right people in the right positions with the right skills and attitudes a

8 min read
Furlough vs layoffs
Furlough vs Layoffs – The Better Alternative?

 Realizing you dont have enough cash flow to cover payroll is one of the most difficult situations a company owner can face Unfortunately it has been a major issue in recent months with businesses being forced to lock their doors and cut their hours in order to comply with stayathome orders 

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Managing underperformance and turning underperformers into top-performers

People often confuse underperformance with poor performance Both are different Poor performance is when an employee is not performing well at the job due to factors like lack of skills resources plan competency etc   And how can one define underperformance  Underperformance is a case wh

8 min read
recruitment process
7 crucial stages in a recruitment process

Do you want to know what recruitment really is  But first let me ask you a question What does recruitment sound like for you   For me its like a trip    Recruitment requires planning just like the preparation for the trip days ahead All the trips do not necessarily go as planned and y

10 min read
chess pieces of two different colors
The difference between Timesheet and Project Management, Explained!

Dont let the similarities fool you The difference between Project Management and Timesheet is very very real  [toc] Project Management  A project is a temporary set of plans that exist to get desired outcomes Each project will have a defined plan budget timescale deliverables and tasks Di

6 min read
machines showing meter value
Performance Metrics – Definition, Benefits, Key Metrics, and what should you measure

Performance Metrics track and measure how well employees are performing in their jobs HRs Managers and leaders use tools and their own methods to measure productivity and efficiency against set parameters These parameters can vary from employee to employee and also from one department to another E

12 min read
a group people talking in an office room
Employee Utilization: The key to productivity and profitability

Is employee utilization the answer to achieving business success If yes how do you even utilize employees effectively    Employee utilization is driven by business metrics for a particular role or department So focus on setting the right performance metrics Plus its helpful to know what it do

8 min read
a typewriter printing a paper
Why Mid-Year Performance Reviews Matter, Explained!

Todays organizations are brimming with conversations about midyear performance reviews What are they and why midyear performance review matter  For a long time yearly reviews have been a constant part of employee lives The idea was simple Each year employees worked for months and during the la

8 min read
Helpdesk Reports
Employee Reports to Empower Your HRs!

Human resource reports play a crucial role in management decisions Traditional data collection and storage techniques often result in the deposition of vast volumes of paper in filing cabinets It will be relatively simple to locate files pertaining to individual staff Finding patterns in this web of

8 min read
Keka hire reports and analytics
How Keka Hire reports and analytics benefit Leadership and management

For any business to outdo themselves it requires a more profound look within   Because even though a business outdid its competitors there could still be something it can improvise and leverage One crucial facet where attention is required is recruitment It is the starting point of the race to

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