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A Detailed Comparison Between Performance Review and Appraisal

We often find employees and sometimes even the management being confused between performance reviews and performance appraisals In many cases these terms are used interchangeably which is not helpful at all However we need to understand that there are very specific differences between the two  T

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Employer Branding
What is Employer Branding and Why is it Important?

We all know that hiring the right person for the right job is the most basic and one of the first steps a recruiter needs to consider when on the lookout for talent As a recruiter one knows that the organizations longterm success depends on hiring the right talent who are not only qualified but

14 min read
How to Prepare for Your Self Review
How to Prepare for Your Self-Review

Reviews over time have become a huge part of our lives Whether they are reviews about a movie you want to go to a product you want to buy or even your performance reviews at work The reviews have become very important because we have come to realize that having these reviews  in place is actuall

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Performance Appraisal Comments Vector
120+ Performance Appraisal Comments to Convey the Right Feedback

Giving feedback to employees can be tough Especially when it is negative   Managers often go wrong with this leading to employees walking out of their performance appraisal meetings confused  It is important to communicate clearly and effectively to help your workforce understand their plus

20 min read
What is Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)?
What is Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)?

The definition of SHRM or Strategic Human Resource Management has been debated over the years  Why Because several commentators have argued that HRM and SHRM are interchangeable mere synonyms To understand the difference lets begin with how the term Strategic Human Resource Management cam

11 min read
Hr events and Conferences
Top 7 HR Events and Conferences to Attend in 2022

The HR Industry Has Been Growing At A Rapid Pace Ameliorating The Standards Attending HR Events Has Become One Of The Most Prominent Activities  Being an HR one can realize the value it adds to their career The essence of attending the HR events lies in what you gain and implement to bring usefu

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Leader Vs Manager Vector Image
What’s the difference between a Leader and a Manager?

All managers are leaders but all leaders are not managers Let us start by putting this across first Though considered as overlapping entities the role of a leader and a manager are functionally very different from each other   How you ask  Leadership is not a facet of management There w

6 min read
employee warning letter
How To Write an Employee Warning Letter (Free Templates)

Misconduct or violation of work protocols though uncommon is a part & parcel of the professional world Such incidents necessitate immediate address to avoid plummeting the seriousness of the situation  Certain employee lifecycles call for a warning to be issued for various ill aspects of thei

10 min read
performance improvement plan process
How to Create a Performance Improvement Plan?

When we hear that someone in the team or in the organization has been put on a Performance Improvement Plan the first thoughts in our heads may be associated with a negative connotation of the concept A lot of employees believe that it is the first step an organization would take in order to lay som

14 min read
Discussion for Organizational Growth
Why HRM is Your Best Bet for Organizational Growth?

Do you know the Dunlop tire story   The modernday tire was invented after a man realized that his son couldnt ride his tricycle comfortably   This was in the s when cycles had solid rubber tires   The father then wrapped the metal wheels of the tricycle with thin rubber sheets glued t

8 min read
Transition to Vacation
13 Types of Leave Offered By Companies in India

Be it for a medical emergency to observe a festival or just Netflix & chill everyone needs a break Your employees do too Moreover leaves are a corporate compulsion These are vital to help employees refresh their minds tend to their priorities and maintain a healthy worklife balance  

8 min read
A man holds his head while sitting on a sofa
Mental Health Strategies: 8 Ways to Support Employees at Workplace

% of CEOs believe they are doing enough for employee mental health but only % of employees feel the same There were the results of a survey conducted by data scientists at a top mental health technology company    Study after study has proved that mental health is directly proportional to work

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