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Keka Finance Conclave: Leaders bat for common definitions of metrics
Sidharth Yadav | Sep 14, 2023

Finance leaders taking part in a discussion at the Keka Finance Conclave in Hyderabad A speaker at the Keka Finance Conclave has stressed the need for having common definitions of finance metrics across sources and departments in an organization  When you ask for payroll numbers you get different n

How to Choose the Right Performance Appraisal Method for Your Culture
Nikitha Joyce | Sep 11, 2023

If your appraisal process doesn't determine an employee's true contributions or impact their growth, chances are that your appraisal system is bad for your culture. Explore where your culture stands and what you can do about it.

Types of Organizational Culture – What’s your style?
Anwesha Panja | Sep 06, 2023

Knowledge of Organizational Culture and its types helps simplify daily operations, define team structure and gain a better insight into the employee’s professional lives. To answer all the confusion surrounding this, give a quick read!

Implementing HR Scorecard: Creation & Guidelines
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 04, 2023

What is an HR Scorecard An HR Scorecard is a tool that helps a company use its human resources strategically and prove how HR contributes to financial success The scorecard measures HR deliverables metrics and KPIs that help companies assess and foresee organizational growth and development  The HR

Keka HR Conclave: ‘Boost Candidate Experience with Timely Feedback’
Sidharth Yadav | Sep 01, 2023

Timely feedback was the key to boosting candidate experience during hirings said a speaker at the Keka HR Conclave in Indore     Feedback should be taken and given at two levels suggested Suyesh Sabnani Founder & CEO of Insta IT Technologies First feedback must be taken to gauge a candidate&#

Manager’s Guide to Tackle Challenges in Performance Management
Sidharth Yadav | Aug 31, 2023

Managers today need a shift from managing performance to developing performers. This needs a future orientation to ratings, the kind that is bias-free, fosters teamwork and propels action. Tech can come to the aid.

Keka steals the show at Tech HR 2023, attended by Dave Ulrich and other HR stalwarts
Anwesha Panja | Aug 22, 2023

Keka HR joined forces with People Matters to present the latest edition of Tech HR Asias preeminent HR expo This landmark event unfolded at the opulent Leela Ambience in Gurugram on the rd and th of August It was a gathering of HR visionaries leaders and delegates aimed at delving into the breakthr

How to Negotiate Salary with HRs?
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 21, 2023

Salary negotiation sounds dreading and often at times employees face the brunt of not doing it at the right moment. Don't dread it! Tips to avoid the pitfalls and elevate your earning potential!

How to Ace Your Self-Evaluation: Writing Tips for Success
Nikitha Joyce | Aug 07, 2023

When preparing a self-evaluation, employees struggle to highlight their own achievements and weaknesses. Some don't take it seriously and others feel dread. Learn why self-evaluations are important and how to write them effectively.

Standing Out from the Crowd: How to Attract the Right Talent in a Competitive Market?
Nikitha Joyce | Aug 02, 2023

Why do organizations look for talent in the same old, wrong places? While there is no best way, there are better approaches to attract talent in a competitive market. Explore how to define talent, attract, and develop strategies.

How to Craft Impactful Performance Review Comments
Nikitha Joyce | Aug 01, 2023

A study shows 86% of employees agree that performance reviews don't make them motivated to improve performance. This blog helps managers overcome these challenges, implement new frameworks, and be prepared.

How to Use Diversity at workplace to Grow your Business
Sidharth Yadav | Jul 31, 2023

The business case for diversity and inclusion is established by research. Yet before you harness D&I, know where your current efforts lie. Link them to business, by calculating a return on investment and using technology.

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