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Keka’s HR Conclave: Be fair, transparent to craft high-performance culture
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 13, 2023

Fairness transparency and upskilling were necessary for creating a highperformance work culture said a speaker at the Keka HR Conclave in Mumbai   If it is obvious to employees that an organization is fair they strive for more continued Ashutosh Srivastava Head of India HR at CITICS CLSA In addit

How to Build a Positive Work Culture?
Bhagyashree | Mar 13, 2023

According to Andrew Chamberlain chief economist at Glassdoor the top predictor of workplace satisfaction is not pay  It is the culture and the values of the organization closely followed by the quality of the senior leadership and career opportunities for the employees within the company  The impo

Employee Pulse Survey Guide: Tips, Best Practices, and Examples
Bhagyashree | Mar 12, 2023

Consider the following scenario You work at an MNC as a Software Engineer or a Cloud Solution Architect   Your HR department sends you a survey when you walk through the door at am or log in remotely from home using your corporate laptop There are a few questions in the poll about your time

Top Recruitment Strategies for Startups to Attract and Retain Talent
Bhagyashree | Mar 11, 2023

Hiring The Right Talent Is Often the Most Differentiating Factor Between A Thriving Organization And A Struggling Organization  Gartner reports that % of critical roles in organizations remain vacant for more than five months due to the lack of sourcing and hiring the right talent To top it off of

Keka’s HR Conclave: Data can drive HR-business integration
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 09, 2023

Human resource (HR) professionals must drive people integration within their own department as a first step towards being part of the strategic aspects of business said a speaker at the Keka Conclave &# Delhi Chapter   After this integration HRs could try to understand the business drivers and wha

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Benefits: What You Need to Know
Bhagyashree | Mar 07, 2023

Many companies provide benefits to their employees and many employees take them for granted Yet if your company is small and your budget is low you might question whether employee perks are actually worth the expense   The quick response Employee benefits are indeed important The greatest employee

9-Box Grid Matrix and What Many People Don’t Get About It
Ahmed ZD | Mar 03, 2023

It has been more than years since the box grid matrix was born in the boardrooms of McKinsey and Co Interestingly it was developed not to measure employee performance Its original application was to help General Electric identify areas best suited for investment Eventually the model evolved into a

Top Game-Changing Company Culture Examples
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 01, 2023

In the past two years people have discovered new hobbies and new goals for themselves People from all over the world had baked so much that there was a shortage of yeast Some began taking online classes to play the guitar learn gardening and develop creative skills A few even turned their hobbies in

Creating A Winning Work Culture With Core Values
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 24, 2023

A few questions for all the new startup founders Are your mission statement vision and core values the crux of your daytoday activities Are these the foundational drivers behind your brand image in the marketplace Or are they just trivial words in your About Us page  If these questions boggle your

KPIs – The Heart of the Performance Management
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 24, 2023

Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted &# Albert Einstein The fundamental tenet of effective performance management is that What gets measured gets done In an ideal system a company develops a series of measures and targets that extend from its highle

What Is Attendance Management?
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 20, 2023

Always trying to keep track of how long staff work whether staff works on time and a lot more Do you want to know everything about your employees from how long they work each day to whether or not they&#re on time You are not the only one! This will not only help you manage

Keka’s HR Conclave: Future HR management depends on technology adoption
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 15, 2023

Technology The enabler liberator and provider Yet its tentacles are wriggling into areas we &# humans &# thought were ours only to claim A virtue is turning into a specter for employees Fear is gripping them of losing jobs being rendered irrelevant  Why not look at things differently asks Ben Horo

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