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The star employee you didn't know you had - your data

From simplifying complex data trends to setting up powerful benchmarks, Keka’s HR Analytics provides you insights into various aspects of your workforce and generate instant reports, helping you to make smarter and data-driven decisions.

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Most comprehensive attrition analytics

Rich Visual Analytics of Your Workforce

Get real-time, holistic insights of each department and drive results with an evidence-based approach.

Rich Visual Analytics of Workforce

Compensation analytics

Insights to plan your compensation

Analyze and generate compensation reports that enable you to have an extensive view over employee salaries. Create reports that help you set up compensation benchmarking and plan your budget based on department, experience, etc with just a few clicks.

Compensation Analytics
Bhanu Teja

I had worked with different HRMS tools to date and never had such an astonishing experience with any other product until Keka.

Bhanu Teja Head HR | Way2Online
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I had worked with different HRMS tools to date and never had such an astonishing experience with any other product until Keka.

Bhanu Teja

Bhanu Teja

Head HR | Way2Online

Time analytics

Trendline reports on leave, attendance, and others

Whether you want to keep a track of your employee productivity or just review the attendance of your team, Keka’s trend line reports give you a comprehensive insight into your workforce trends. Right from employee shift details to attendance tracking policies, you can generate any report you need.

Time Analytics Data, HR Analytics

Report builder

Adhoc report builder

Another surprise meeting coming up? Generate instant reports with your desired metrics and quickly share insights with the team. Curate and customize reports the way you need for your stakeholders.

Report Builder

Frequently asked questions

HR analytics is a data-driven approach to analyzing people-related problems using data to find answers to critical questions about the organization. It aims to improve workforce performance and support intelligent business decisions.

The 7 pillars of HR analytics are:

  • Pillar 1: Workforce planning analytics
  • Pillar 2: Talent sourcing analytics
  • Pillar 3: Talent acquisition analytics
  • Pillar 4: Employee engagement analytics
  • Pillar 5: Employee value and performance management analytics
  • Pillar 6: Talent attrition and retention
  • Pillar 7: Employee wellness, health, and safety

HR analytics software is a system that collects and analyzes people data to monitor employee performance. It enables HR professionals to take data-driven decisions to improve workforce outcomes by various methods.

HR analytics software helps bridge the talent gap by redefining the recruitment strategy, improving the onboarding experience, and enhancing learning and development. It also helps with supporting strategic workforce planning by helping understand the business strategies, by tracking employee performance, health, satisfaction, and by increasing communication within the organization.

The key HR metrics and insights derived from HR analytics software are:

  1. Time-to-hire
  2. Training expense per employee
  3. Employee engagement levels
  4. Training and development costs
  5. Skill gaps
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