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HR Consultants

Help your clients manage their HR processes with the highest rated HRMS on the market.

B2B Influencers

Recommend the best solution that your audience can have to manage their people ops.

HR Community Builders

Empower your community members with an HRMS solution they would love.

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Highly Rated HRMS

A world-class product loved by companies of all sizes. It’s easy to sell!


End-to-end solution for the complete lifecycle of an employee.

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You get the most ROI on your efforts with our >40% closure rate.

How it works

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Once approved, you will receive a sales training schedule and our team will assist you in making the first 5 sales.

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When the closure starts roling in ,earn 10% of recurring billing* on every successful referral

Manage employee skills and create a culture of learning
Manage employee skills and create a culture of learning

Earn without limits with Keka Referral Program

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