How Keka made Noise loud and proud of their HR processes

Noise is India's No.1 smartwatches and earbuds brand, dedicated to making the connected lifestyle accessible to all. With consumer centricity at its core, Noise consistently introduces groundbreaking innovations in audio and connected technology. The company partnered with Keka and deployed its HRMS to improve employee experience and automate HR processes.

Rahoul Srivastav

HRBP (8+ years at Noise)

"Keka helped our managers in building Accountability, Empathy and it really made a difference in creating a very collaborative culture. Keka also surpassed our Employee Expectations with its easy-to-navigate UI and simple dashboards"

The big impact

  • Noise was able to increase its headcount by 40% within 2 years of using Keka 
  • Easy navigation and simplified UI ensured high adoption of the HRMS 
  • Improved employee engagement  
  • Centralized personnel management for multiple departments across all locations 




Gurgaon, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

Initiative taken by the HRBP

Time taken for decision

35 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

We will focus more on strategic HR initiatives and improve our Employee Engagement. 

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