Indian Payroll is complex. Software doesn’t have to be!

Keka payroll software revolutionized the Indian payroll industry. We re-imagined and set a benchmark on how an enterprise payroll software could be simplified.

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Keka HR and Payroll Software - Payroll Management Software

No more month-end mayhems with Keka payroll software

Your HR and finance teams can make salary and payroll changes throughout the month and don't have to pile up their work till month end!

Payroll Management Software. 6 Steps Payroll Wizard - Keka HR and Payroll Software
Extensible rules

Configurable rules based Salary components

Keka brought in a design revolution in the payroll software market and has shown how easy payroll software can be made and yet completely configurable. The range based salary structure simplifies the automation process for any size of the organization.

Configurable rule Based Salary Components. Keka HR and Payroll Software
payroll software made simple

Revising salary doesn’t require payroll knowledge

Keka is the only HR payroll software in the industry that facilitates easy participation of non-finance roles such as HR members in salary operations. Revising and planning a compensation plan requires no prior payroll knowledge in Keka. Yet it puts you in complete control of statutory compliance.

Salary Revision Simplified. Keka HR and Payroll Software - Payroll Software India

We have been using Keka payroll for the past 4 years and never once we saw a bug or wrong calculation. Your team is awesome!

Ruchika Motwani,Hr Manager

We have been using Keka payroll for the past 4 years and never once we saw a bug or wrong calculation. Your team is awesome

Ruchika Motwani

HR Manager


Preview payroll before finalizing and releasing

You can run a preview of the payroll period any number of times and review every aspect of the payroll before finalizing. The intuitive interface in Keka payroll software allows you to easily compare changes from the previous pay period and identify changes at a micro-level.

Review payroll before Finalizing. Keka HR & Payroll Software - Payroll Software India

Payslips on SMS, email or mobile app or bulk print

Keka payroll software allows you to release payslips in various formats for your employees. You can release them digitally on their mobile app, email, or SMS. In case you prefer a paper approach, bulk print them and post them too.

Pay slips. Release Payslip on SMS, Email and app all at once. Keka HR Payroll Software - Payroll Software India
Guided Payroll Process

Easy payroll processing with guided wizards

Keka payroll guides you with every aspect of payroll processing and recommends all possible actions, so you don't have to sweat. 

Leave, attendance & overtime deductions / payments

Review and finalize all unpaid leaves and attendance deductions and make adjustments as needed.

Newly joined employees and exited employee payments

Keka automatically keeps track of new joining and exiting employees for the month so you can review and settle payments.

Salary revisions and scheduled performance bonuses

Any revisions since last payroll run (even backdated ones) and pending bonus payments can be tracked every month.

Expenses and other ad hoc payments

Keep track of all reimbursements and pay or hold the payments for next month.

Arrear calculations and other dues 

Keka keeps track of all arrears that arise from salary changes or other adjustments. Shows any pending dues too.

Review and compare salaries from previous months

Detailed line item level break up comparison of salaries, so you can track little details that vary from the past payroll run.


Unified payroll and time tracking software

Keka payroll is tightly integrated with our time tracking products. You can easily track leaves, attendance of employees and have the calculations done automatically with zero manual effort. You can even reverse your leave and attendance entries and pay arrears!

Time tracking integrated with Payroll. Keka HR Payroll Software - Payroll Software India
Expense Management

Expense management integrated with Payroll

Pay employee expenses along with Payroll and simplify your expense management operations. Keka lets you configure an approval workflow for expenses and schedule expense reimbursements across multiple payroll periods. 

Expense Management Integrated with Payroll. Keka HR Payroll Software - Payroll Software India
Accounting Integration

Integrate with Accounting software: Quickbooks, Tally

Keka payroll software allows you to create journal voucher entries in your accounting system for various configurable salary components. You can group these entries based on location or department too. In addition, Keka also provides MS Excel and CSV downloads that can be imported to other financial software such as Oracle Netsuite etc.

Accounting Software Integrated. Quickbooks and Tally Integration. Keka HR Payroll Software - Payroll Software India
Payroll Analytics

Rich analytics on budgeting and compensation

Track your payroll data, employees and all associated payroll management cost elements in one consolidated and consistent reporting model. Analyze and benchmark your data to really understand your workforce cost, drill into local and identify outliers and patterns quickly.

Payroll Analytics and MIS. Keka HR Payroll Software - Payroll Software India

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