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Your employees need their grievances resolved on time, so they can focus on their work. Keka Employee Helpdesk helps you track all your employee grievances and queries in one place and on time.

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All employee grievances in one place

Keka employee helpdesk enables all your HR and Finance teams to serve employee requests from one unified interface

Handle all Employee Grievance at 1 place with Keka's Employee Helpdesk Software

Track all employee requests in one place

Keka acts as a centralized hub for all the employee requests and gives you an organized sight of your helpdesk program like how many issues or tickets were created today and closed today. It also gives you a fair analysis of monthly ticket status.

All employee request tracked in 1 page, Keka Employee Helpdesk Software
SLA & Turnaround times

Ensure employees are receiving help on time

Keka not just helps you to track your employee’s requests but also ensures that they have received the help on time. You can track the response time and also gives an analytical view on which tickets are unresolved and pending so that you can replace the responsible resource to avoid waste of time.

Ensure Employees are receiving help on Time by Keka's Employee Helpdesk Software
Ruchika Motwani, HR Manager

The best thing about Keka is their support team. They are always very helpful and joyful, even if we repeated the same thing again and again.

- OnePlus

The best thing about Keka is their support team. They are always very helpful and joyful, even if we repeated the same thing again and again.


Helpdesk chat (Coming soon)

Give employees an easy way to get in touch with real-time chat

To get the issue resolved, employee can chat with the concerned person. With Keka online chat, your employees can easily interact on real-time basis.

Chat with Employees to solve their grievances with Keka's Employee Helpdesk Software
Helpdesk categories

Assign owners for HR, Payroll, and IT Troubleshooting

Keka is a supple solution that can mold itself as per your needs. You can easily define which employee is responsible for which type of support tickets, such as HR, Payroll, and IT troubleshooting.

Define Helpdesk Categories and direct employees to the right direction for handling their queries, with Keka's Employee Helpdesk Software
Helpdesk categories

Speed up your responses with canned messages

Keka helpdesk allows you to predetermine responses to frequently asked questions. It enables you to respond quickly to the issues. The process is completely automated so that the user gets quick responses, and the issue is addressed.

Keka's Smart Employee Helpdesk helps determine predetermined response.
Rules & Automation

Escalation rules to ensure timely resolution

Keka enables the escalation matrix in your helpdesk through which if the employee who is responsible for the ticket fails to respond or resolve, it gets auto escalated to the next level within defined resolution time where it gets resolved without wasting time. You can also have the options of defining multiple levels in this matrix!

Keka's Escalation matrix helps to get the ticket resolved with the concerned person. Smart Keka Employee Helpdesk Software

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With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.