Our mission

Imagine a workplace where employees come to work inspired, feel safe, share a common purpose with peers and leaders, do their best work, and go home fulfilled. We are on a mission to make this happen across the world.

How it started

Like a lot of good stories, it started with a pain too

Just like you, we were a growing organization that needed a people platform to scale our services business. We evaluated every software in the market and were frustrated after reviewing all of them.

Thus, we started Keka.

The goal was simple. Automate and simplify people processes so you can focus on your core asset - the employees. They, in turn, will transform you from a good to a great organization!

The present - Vini. Vidi. Vici.

We came. We saw. We disrupted.

Keka has been a silent revolution in the making from our launch four years ago. Our steadfast focus on building an employee centric HR platform was well received by more than 6500 businesses across India and the world. Today we are India’s #1 platform in the segment with most number of new customers adopting the platform. All with zero advertising spend and pure customer love.

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