Not just another module but a full blown hiring software

Keka is a standalone product fuonly attendance system in the world that integrates every aspect of time tracking right from capturing time anywhere, scheduling shifts, over time and fully integrated with payroll

Integrated Hiring platform

A complete hiring software, integrated with HRMS platform

Keka Hiring software is a standalone product but tightly integrated with Keka HR platform. While your recruitment team spends most of their time on this platform, they don't feel cut off from rest of your organization with access to all employees from core HR platform.

Hiring pipelines

Flexible hiring workflows for each job posting

xxx Keka's Attendance Management system is the only cloud platform in the world that does realtime integration with all attendance devices types - Biometric, Smart Card, RFID, Facial recognition devices, Near Field Communication NFC devices. Our universal driver framework supports 200+ hardware devices from vendors across the world.


Plan your hiring with requisition workflows

Keka allows your hiring managers to create a requisition request that can go through a designated workflow approval process before your hiring team starts hunting candidates. Your hiring managers can specify the budgets, skillset needs and any internal comments with hiring team.

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

XXX Ramesh Tendulkar, Vice President HR

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Nishani Talwarkar

HR Manager

Internal job board

Best talent most times can be hired from internal teams

Organizations are increasingly discovering that it is much beneficial to hire internally. Keka helps you open up job postings for internal applicants too. Keka takes care of ensuring prior approval of candidates from their managers.