Performance Management System that actually works

Keka is the PMS that really works for growth-minded organizations that need continuous performance reviews on a real-time basis. Keka PMS monitors, analyzes, tracks, and evaluates employee performance to ensure that goals are achieved, and the desired ROI is accomplished.

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One on One (1:1)

Engage remote employees with one on one meetings

Keka's One on One (1:1) meeting tool accelerates your team’s growth by tracking each employee’s progress and enables you to discuss the issues one on one. Team managers or department heads can define agendas of one on one meetings as it helps employees work on improvement areas. The calendar of required people is automatically blocked the moment you create a one-on-one meeting on Keka.

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Keka's One on One Meeting with your Employees accelerates team growth.
Continuous Feedback

Recognize and share feedback when it matters most

Keka Continuous Feedback Module will give your business a motivated culture and help managers and team leaders to keep their team engaged and inspired. Keka PMS gives you accurate insights into your employees based on which you can nurture the teams. Managers in your organization can enter.

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Share and give Continuous Feedback, when it matters the most, with Performance Management System of Keka HR Payroll Software
OKR and Goals

Set audacious goals and see your teams pushing it forward

Quantify what matters. Keka believes that the process to track performance should be well structured. OKR solution of Keka helps you to track and align employee goals and sub-goals to achieve measurable outcomes. At the point when it is about an organization’s revenue, just numbers talk. The framework allows you to define objective levels such as company objectives, department objectives, and individual objectives.

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Push your team by setting up Audacious Goals, Define OKR with Keka's Performance Management System
Ansar Azeez, HR Admin

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Ansar_Azeez | Hr administrator

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Nishani Talwarkar

HR Manager


360-degree feedback and performance reviews reimagined

In Keka PMS, the performance of employees is reviewed from all sides to conduct an effective appraisal process. Employee performance evaluation is done by not only one manager but all the managers or group of co-workers.

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360 degree Feedback and Performance Reviews redefined with Keka HR Payroll Software

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With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.