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Change the world

Life is too short to do mediocre work

Most people die never realizing they lived a life doing mediocre work. If you aren’t one among them and need a purpose and meaning to what you do, you will find company at Keka. We do our best, to make your job feel inspired, enthused and is something that you would look forward to doing every day, something that would push you out of your bed. And not make you wonder everyday when your next vacation is. We do have a vacation policy though and we encourage that employees avail it. But that’s another topic.

We have a purpose

Join our purpose. Not because we are cool or you are cool

We have a purpose and we are serious about it. The tools we use and the cools we do are just part of our journey. We are on a mission to make every employee a growth enabler in every small medium business across this nation and the other nations.

Change the world

Skills matter some. Attitude matters most

Skills are mere tools to accomplish tasks and can be learnt and unlearnt any time. But the attitude you bring to the table when solving obstacles, makes all the difference and gives purpose to those skills and the people around you. That’s what matters to us most. If you like this notion - we are excited and can’t wait to talk to you! Explore the job openings below and apply now!

We work hard, play hard

This is why working with us is awesome

Badminton Tournament 2019 l Keka l Technovert l Hyderabad


Getting Candid With Employees - Office Fun Video l Keka HR

Job openings

Our leaders truly care about those they are privileged to lead and understand that the true cost of the leadership privilege comes at the expense of self-interest. We put our people first.

If you're looking for a specific role then please let us know by writing and sending your resume to Don't forget to mention the respective role in the subject of the mail. Beware Fake Job Scams

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