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Employee Onboarding Software

Create a great experience before and after joining

Candidates have plenty of jobs to choose from, before and even after joining your company. Keka lets you create the best experience for the candidate so that you are his/her top pick for the years to come.

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Pre joining engagement

Start engaging candidate right from the offer process

Identifying right candidate is so much effort, and engaging them till they join your company is a whole new ball game. Win your candidate’s attention by giving a glimpse of your work culture, fostering conversations with teams, and sharing exciting resources.

Start engaging your candidate right from offer process

Pre joining tasks

Alert everyone, days before the candidate joins

Notify and help your teams prepare for the candidate in advance to can avoid the last-minute rush. Involve your employees and plan engaging tasks and collaborative activities for the candidate.

Alert stake holders before the joining of the candidates

Pre joining information

Don’t let the day begin with boring documentation

Welcome the candidate with a great and personal experience instead of dull and tedious documentation process on their joining day. Cut mundane processes by allowing the candidate to fill and submit the information days ahead of their joining, so the candidate can spend his/her first day getting familiar with the workplace, team, and leadership.

Cut all the mundane task of the new joiner
Suma Mathai
With everything explained, onboarding was impressive. Keka always goes the extra mile by improving the product regularly with updates.
Suma Mathai Head- HR Operations | Amromed LLC
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With everything explained, onboarding was impressive. Keka always goes the extra mile by improving the product regularly with updates.

Suma Mathai

Suma Mathai

Head- HR Operations | Amromed LLC

Joining day

Introduce Teams. Appoint Buddies. Unveil Culture

Help the candidate align quickly to your company by involving them in team activities from the get-go. Keka lets you appoint welcome buddies and share your organization’s culture code and induction material with the candidate.

Introduce remote employees with the new joinies

90 Day onboarding

First 90 days set course for a lifetime career in your company

Keka lets you configure the candidate’s onboarding process until the probation ends. Set goals, track performance, and have one on one meetings to ensure the candidate aligns with your organization.

Set the 90-day course for your new employees

Candidate portal

Set objectives and regular one-one meeting schedules

Keka’s employee onboarding software is integrated with performance management software that allows to set objectives and periodic one-on-one meetings for the candidate. It further helps the candidate realize your business objectives and processes during his/her initial onboarding period.

Set Objectives of the candidate

Candidate engagement

Review performance before ending probation

Collect timely feedback from all the managers of the employee for making an effective probation decision. Conclude or extend his/her probation if they are culture and performance fit for your organization based on the feedback.

Review Performance before ending Probation
Awesome Cta

Start growing with Keka today

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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