360 degree reviews that don't require a PHD degree

Keka’s 360 Performance Management Software helps you set up reviews across roles, bands, and departments with simplicity. Enable collaboration in a much-easy process and receive better insights on your people so no roadblocks can impact your employees’ performance.

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360 Degree Feedback, Performance Management Software of Keka HR Payroll Software

Manage thousands of reviews

Keka’s review workflow is fully scalable to manage thousands of employees. Now at the click of a button, you can administer the entire process of nominations, assessment, and calibration in a matter of minutes.

Easily manage thousand of Reviews with Keka's Performance Management Software
Easy Review Process

Your employees will love you for easing the review process

There is enough anxiety already for working people in a review cycle. The best you can do is reduce the complexity of this process and save them from the hassle. So at the touch of a button, your employees will receive a review form with an intuitive design to aid flexibility.

Review Process made easy with Keka's intuitive Performance Management System
Tools For Managers

Managers can focus on people. Not on Process

Your managers can view all the evaluation forms on a bird's eye view dashboard to rate the different team members. They will also have access to the entire feedback history. Now there is no need to remember information from the last year or more.

Managers Eye view Dashboard to rate different team members. Easy Performance Management Process with Keka's Performance Management Software
Review Nomination

Employees can nominate their peers or managers for feedback

For review, give your employees a chance to choose people with whom they’ve worked. It allows for a complete 360 degree feedback system, so nobody must miss out on giving or receiving feedback. Your managers always have a say in approving the stakeholders to maintain transparency and mutual trust in the organization.

Biased employees Feedback system helps employees to choose their nominee for feedback with Keka's Performance Management Software
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User friendly with few unique features like task assignment and calibration helped us track performance of employees quickly and efficiently.

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User friendly with few unique features like task assignment and calibration helped us track performance of employees quickly and efficiently.

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Review Content

Review Goals, Competencies, or create your own questionnaire

Keka's 360 degree feedback software helps you to perform a multi-dimensional review of your employees' skills, behavioral competencies, and performance. Track real-time progress and use available templates or create your own (questionnaires, multiple-choice questions, etc) to include your objectives and key results as part of the analysis.

Review Goals and Competencies and create your own questionnaire with Keka's Performance Management Software
Rating Scales

Review for performance, potential or promotion

Whether you are reviewing for one outcome or more, different purposes don’t need separate procedures. Use the evaluation process to meet the criteria for a promotion or a salary hike.

Review for Performance Potential or promotion with Keka HR Payroll Software
Rating Scales

Assign band of performance based on ratings

Ratings alone are no longer enough. The performance bands will help the managers to provide the opportunities for growth and development people are searching for depending on their current state in the assessment cycle. Create a comprehensive plan for every person, even top performers, so they stay at the top.

Performance Bands helps managers to instill growth and development with Keka's Performance Management Software
Rating Scales

Rich Analytics

Receive detailed reports on the dashboard with clear and actionable data. Our analytics mechanism will provide your managers with the data, knowledge, and tools they need to assess their team in a more constructive way.

Get Rick Analytics and well laid out data, with Keka's Performance Management Software

Start growing with Keka today

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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