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Grow with Keka partner program

Doing what you do best...just more of it.

Keka enhances your services with tools and automation that enrich and improve employee experience for your customers. Your customers will love just the more!

Create Personal Connections

Meaningful connections. Long-lasting relationships

We partner with like-minded service providers to help us put people, not software, at the center of our solutions. By connecting customers with Service Partners who best fit their needs, we're able to increase sales pipelines and maximize revenue growth from the ground up. It's a win-win for you, us, and the customer.

Partner Programs

HR consulting partners

Keka’s consulting partners have a deep knowledge of HCM, talent management and employee relations, and leverage Keka to expand their capabilities to service their clients.

Payroll processors

Keka Payroll helps provide managed payroll and compliance services for thousands of your customers with an easy to use partner portal.

Reseller program

Keka resellers include software vendors selling cloud solutions, as well as strategic resellers helping take Keka to international markets.

Integration partners

We are always looking to extend our platform capabilities through various integration options, from SSO to full integration. View existing Integrations

Meet Our Awesome HR Partners!

Meet Our Awesome LMS Partners!

Meet Our Awesome Technology Partners!

Meet Our Awesome Reseller Partners!

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