10 Engaging Christmas Celebration Ideas in Office
Parismita Goswami | Dec 14, 2023

The most awaited time of the year is here The season of festivities is just around the corner and so are the Christmas celebrations!     In fact a lot of your employees might just be patiently waiting for the Christmas activities games and well 💫gifts!💫 Afterall office engagements like C

Interview Scheduling: Guide, Best Practices and Email Template
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 07, 2023

The world over, companies vie for the attention of the industry’s best talent. In this stiffly fought battle for candidate attention, every step matters. By simply paying attention to interview scheduling, HR and recruitment professionals can make a huge shift in the overall interviewing experience.

Keka HR Conclave Bengaluru: Personalize Engagement for Multiple Generations of Employees
Keka Editorial Team | Nov 28, 2023

Human resources leaders taking part in a panel discussion at the Keka HR Conclave in Bengaluru Personalization of engagement was critical to meeting demands of different generations of employees a speaker said Keka HR Conclave in Bengaluru   What matters to one generation may not matter to another

How to Write a Warning Letter to Employee With Templates
Parismita Goswami | Nov 24, 2023

A warning letter to an employee is serious but does not have to be dreary. Here's a quick rundown of how to design better warning letters with some sample templates to help you.

What is an HR Strategy and How to Create One?
Parismita Goswami | Nov 17, 2023

HR strategy is integral to organizational success. This blog explores and emphasizes the importance of creating the perfect HR Strategy, with insights to align them with business goals, growth and employee satisfaction.

Employee Incentive Programs: Benefits, Examples and Best Practices
Anwesha Panja | Nov 16, 2023

GenZ employees want more than a reward and recognition system, posing a challenge for HRs. Overcome this by exploring innovative incentive programs that go beyond the traditional rewards!

Keka HR Conclave Ahmedabad: Diversity at Workplace a Boost for L&D Efforts
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 25, 2023

Diversity in organizations boosted learning and development of employees as it promoted a variety of viewpoints and working styles said a speaker at the Keka HR Conclave in Ahmedabad  Anusha Sharma HR Head Amara Learning Spaces Private Limited suggested that having diversity at workplace lent a glo

The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Sourcing Strategies
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 20, 2023

This blog will discuss candidate sourcing, practical tips and innovative approaches that can aid you in attracting, engaging, and securing the finest candidates for your company's success.

From Silence to Strength: World Mental Health Day Unveiled
Bhagyashree | Oct 09, 2023

Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) discloses that over % of the world population is employed and an astonishing % of adults within working age are suffering from mental disorders This is a problem that not only affects individuals but also impacts workplaces as well as communities aroun

When to Ditch the Rating Scale: Signs Your Performance Management System Needs an Upgrade
Nikitha Joyce | Oct 04, 2023

If the rating scale is not moving your company forwards in terms of performance management, it's a sign that it's doing more bad than good. Learn whether to use, modify, or ditch it.

Keka Finance Conclave: Leaders bat for common definitions of metrics
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 14, 2023

Finance leaders taking part in a discussion at the Keka Finance Conclave in Hyderabad A speaker at the Keka Finance Conclave has stressed the need for having common definitions of finance metrics across sources and departments in an organization  When you ask for payroll numbers you get different n

How to Choose the Right Performance Appraisal Method for Your Culture
Nikitha Joyce | Sep 11, 2023

If your appraisal process doesn't determine an employee's true contributions or impact their growth, chances are that your appraisal system is bad for your culture. Explore where your culture stands and what you can do about it.

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