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Types of Compensation: A Guide For HRs

In todays fastpaced growth and organizational changes companies strive to be at the forefront One ingredient separates the great from the rest engaged and motivated employees But what is the secret to ensuring a loyal workforce in the long run Competitive compensation packages are the secr

14 min read
overtime pay calculation
Overtime Pay (India): Importance, Calculation, Common Mistakes

As the business world gets competitive companies are looking for more and more ways to curb this competition Getting the workforce to become more productive is one of the many ways to stay ahead of the race Production can be increased by overtime working hours  With overtime working hours or

24 min read
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Human Capital Management (HCM): Purpose, Functions & Impact

People are our great asset Said every CEO ever Human capital is one of the greatest assets in the world and when managed correctly can bore outstanding results On the same note organizations that value their employees usually reach their goals faster and more efficiently When a company or

25 min read
compensation management guide
Compensation Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Meet Raghav CHRO of a global pharmaceutical brand DeriPharma Recently a trend caught Raghavs attention their attrition rate was at an alltime % high His followup survey findings took him aback Most of the employees left the organization citing compensation issues! In fact many of their

30 min read
salary structure
All you need to know about Salary Structure in India

Salary structure in Indian payroll is a ceaseless process Activities in Payroll Management are never marked as done Every month the same set of tasks come in front of the screen and again the same obstacles are encountered However organizations are now shifting to payroll management software solutio

12 min read
pre payroll activities
What are Pre-Payroll activities? A detailed overview

Payroll Processing is a predestined set of tasks in an organization Employee compensation payments and other expenses play a major role in work culture while running a company An accurate Payroll Management system is proof that the workflow of the company is smooth and efficient Employees are consid

8 min read
taxable non taxable and partially taxable components of salary in india
Taxable, Non-taxable and Partially Taxable Components of Salary in India

As per the Payroll Processing in India in addition to the basic salary there are various other salary components such as taxable benefits offered by employers to employees Moreover these different components have different tax implications Under the IT Act of in Payroll Processing taxable benefi

12 min read
excel vs software for payroll
Running Payroll – Excel versus Software. Which is better?

ExcelSpreadsheets are incredible tools when utilized for the correct purpose Be that as it may organizations face many issues when they expand the utilization of excelspreadsheets far beyond its capacity for example managing the complete payroll processing software Payroll is not just computing payc

10 min read
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Gathering Leave and attendance data | Data requirements to run payroll in India

The entire payroll process is an avalanche loaded with tasks Each step has to be accurate HR and payroll walk together in any organization HR being the only centralized department connected to all other departments payroll becomes a significant responsibility The payroll process revolves around calc

11 min read

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