Employee Benefits
Want to step up your employee benefits game? Here’s how to….

 Previously employee benefits were referred to as fringe benefits or perks These are nonfinancial services given to employees in addition to their salaries These services can be mandated by law in some places or offered willingly by employers in others These work benefits can include paid leave med

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Compensation management
What We Wish Everyone Knew About Compensation Management!

With the increasing diversity of our workforce it is more critical than ever for HR teams and corporate leaders to find new ways to keep employees engaged and driven In order to ensure that the expectations and requirements of the employees are fulfilled it is important that they are adequately paid

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Salary structure
All you need to know about Salary Structure in India

Salary structure in Indian payroll is a ceaseless process Activities in Payroll Management are never marked as done Every month the same set of tasks come in front of the screen and again the same obstacles are encountered However organizations are now shifting to cloudbased payroll management softw

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Pre Payroll activities
What are Pre-Payroll activities? A detailed overview

Payroll Processing is a predestined set of tasks in an organization Employee compensation payments and other expenses play a major role in work culture while running a company An accurate Payroll Management system is proof that the workflow of the company is smooth and efficient Employees are consid

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Taxable, partial taxable, non-taxable elements
Taxable, Non-taxable and Partially Taxable elements of salary

As per the Payroll Processing in India in addition to the basic salary there are various other salary components such as taxable benefits offered by employers to employees Moreover these different components have different tax implications Under the IT Act of in Payroll Processing taxable benefi

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Excel vs Software for Payroll
Running Payroll – Excel versus Software. Which is better?

ExcelSpreadsheets are incredible tools when utilized for the correct purpose Be that as it may organizations face many issues when they expand the utilization of excelspreadsheets far beyond its capacity for example managing the complete payroll process Payroll is not just computing paycheques and s

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Gathering Leave and attendance data
Gathering Leave and attendance data | Data requirements to run payroll in India

The entire payroll process is an avalanche loaded with tasks Each step has to be accurate HR and payroll walk together in any organization HR being the only centralized department connected to all other departments payroll becomes a significant responsibility The payroll process revolves around calc

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Understanding Tax
Understanding Income Tax – A Detailed Guide

Under Section of the Income Tax Act every employer who is paying a salary income to his employee is required to deduct TDS from the salary income if it exceeds the basic exemption limit This deduction is based on the estimate of the income that will be earned in the particular financial year and th

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Data validation
Data Validation! Gaze before you leap | Pre-Payroll Activities

As an extremely highvolume business activity payroll is a department where delays corrections and reprocessing incidents are all too common however risky to encounter Payroll is straightaway related to the compensation of all the employees of an organization A blunder in any employees salary calcula

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understanding payments & deductions
Understanding Payments and Deductions | Gathering data to run Payroll

The entire payroll cycle has three segments or stages prepayroll Activities payroll and postpayroll activities The prepayroll is most significant on the grounds as it builds up the data which gets moved to the next step that is actual payroll processing The prepayroll activities are the base of the

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