Keka hire reports and analytics
How Keka Hire reports and analytics benefit Leadership and management

For any business to outdo themselves it requires a more profound look within   Because even though a business outdid its competitors there could still be something it can improvise and leverage One crucial facet where attention is required is recruitment It is the starting point of the race to

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Employee Benefits
Want to step up your employee benefits game? Here’s how to….

 Previously employee benefits were referred to as fringe benefits or perks These are nonfinancial services given to employees in addition to their salaries These services can be mandated by law in some places or offered willingly by employers in others These work benefits can include paid leave med

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Professional Services Automation (PSA) software that improves business outcomes

If you manage a team or a large number of employees whether inoffice hybrid or remote it can be hard to track employee attendance and schedule  Obviously no manager grew up dreaming about manually creating and updating spreadsheets Everyone wants to spend valuable time on the strategic aspects o

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Services Industries are using data and analytics to ensure utilization of project resources in a legit way

Data when used right is a darn good thing said every modern organization that is leveraging it to their advantage   Imagine that you along with other stakeholders are working on a crucial project for the company You want to spend your time making business decisions but all you do is track proj

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All you need to know about topgrading

Hiring success is like a puzzle where all the loops sockets and knobs are your tactics and strategies Each piece in the puzzle has to be arranged in the right order to see the best result    You can rush and accomplish the task quickly by misplacing some of the pieces and be content But thats

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image showing life quotes
Why CORE values should be a priority for modern organizations

To set the right core values you first need to understand their impact on the business  Growing up everything you did good or bad was termed as a result of being raised by your parents in a certain way Values can be good or bad but they have a significant impact on how we live in society  

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Organizational Objectives: Definition, meaning, and how to achieve them

Management by Objectives a term often talked about during the process of setting objectives However how does the concept of objectives apply to an entire organization  Objectives are measurable ends for a set process We identify goals and take action to make them happen Organizational objective

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The Real Meaning of Employee Wellbeing

Before looking at the bookish definition of employee wellbeing lets look at a short story  Have you got any idea of this magical place called a freaking Restaurant  If you spend a lot of time eating outside I am warning you right now Please do not go there unless you are prepared to get hook

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Transition to Vacation
Here’s why taking a sabbatical is good for the employee and company

Imagine being able to take an extended break (perhaps a few months) to repurpose your life and career and still get paid by your company Sounds too good to be true In fact this isnt a fictional thought but reality!    This perk is termed as Sabbatical Leave and is provided by companies to rewa

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Employee engagement activities
5 Innovative Employee Engagement Activities For Your Team

Before you start spinning the wheel and plan engagement activities you first need to realize that employee engagement is not just conducting events but one of the most essential functions which impacts the culture and performance of the organization Start by looking at the team as real individual

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a group of people following one person
Top 10 Common Leadership Styles and Thier Pros and Cons

The secret trait is being agile There is something extremely odd about the whole perception of leadership  When managers or anyone introduces themselves as a good leader the number of years doesnt mean anything  Time sitting on an office chair and commanding employees has got no plac

18 min read
5 best recruitment strategies to attract dream talent in 2021

Top talent an eargasm to recruiters who are always on a continuous hunt for them The firstrate talent is a highhanging fruit and recruiters put in all they got to win seasoned candidates attention   Just like any other industry recruitment is prone to change With the abundance of informati

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