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Founders! Are you and your core team ready to answer the culture question?
Ahmed ZD | Jan 11, 2023

Does this story sound familiar   How does it feel when you are finally ready with your business idea You are bristling with excitement and raring to go   Your core team has assembled the capital has been secured and plans are in place   You hit the ground running as you and your team start the

Defining Leadership in the Digital Age
Ahmed ZD | Jan 11, 2023

We are living in era that WEF founder Klaus Schwab has termed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution Its an era where AI gene editing advanced robotics and other such things are blurring the lines between the physical digital and biological worlds   The magnitude of change brought by this revolution

The Mystery of Low effort, High Impact HRs
Bhagyashree | Jan 09, 2023

The famous author Jacob Morgan once said what was viewed by many as one of the least exciting areas of an organization is now one of the most dynamic places to work  And yes you guessed it right we are talking about human resource management and people who drive these functions HRs!   The functio

What is Employee Development and Why is it Important?
Balaji Sogathur | Dec 29, 2022

Imagine a workplace where every employee is culture driven and enthusiastic about their work every new employee who comes in immediately engages with the work culture and is every bit as enthusiastic as the others  It sounds like an HRs dream doesnt it  Now imagine the same scenario but with each

A Comprehensive Guide to Values Based Hiring
Balaji Sogathur | Dec 27, 2022

Recruiting the right talent for the right role is a tough job there is no guarantee that the candidate will perform and deliver on their skills the same as they did in their interviews and assessments once they are put into the role  Companies are more focused on valuebased hiring now to acquire ta

Transactional Leadership to People Success
Balaji Sogathur | Dec 22, 2022

When it comes to leadership or management methods there are many that leaders and managers can choose from one of the widely popular and very common leadership method that is practiced all across the world is transactional leadership  Transactional leadership primarily focuses on the basic manageme

A Practical Guide to Candidate Selection Process
Balaji Sogathur | Dec 20, 2022

The Selection Process is a process of picking the right candidate with the required qualifications and capabilities to fill a particular job in the organization  A good selection process is the key to finding the right talent that forms the spine for effective performance of the organization  The

Importance of Business Ethics in an Organization
Anwesha Panja | Dec 17, 2022

Business ethics can be denoted as written or unwritten codes of morals values and principles that governs actions and decisions in a company

What is a Timesheet? and How Can it Transform Your Business?
Dr. Nishat Afzal | Dec 13, 2022

Time is an essential part of what makes your business work And tracking it accurately can make all the difference So can a small mistake Centuryold manual systems pave way for errors costing you your profits  It is and inaccurate paper time cards timeconsuming stamping methods and messy Excel shee

Keka’s HR Conclave bats for the Growing need of Humanizing Technology
Anwesha Panja | Dec 09, 2022

HR leaders gather to voice their thoughts on Humanizing Digitalization at an exclusive conference organized by Keka in Hyderabad  Keka HR a leader in the HR tech space organized a conference to address the need for humanizing technology The conclave was attended by more than a hundred HR leaders on

Tackling Unconscious Bias at Workplace
Bhagyashree | Nov 25, 2022

Unconscious biases have a significant role in the entirety of our decisions despite how difficult it can be to acknowledge this Prejudice towards a particular race religion gender identity and so on may exist in our minds  The issue is that these prejudices have a nasty habit of showing up in ways

Future of HR: Why 2023 is the Best Time to Enter the People Profession
Ahmed ZD | Nov 18, 2022

HR professionals need to walk with a swagger &# Leena Nair  This is one of the first statements made by Leena Nair the illustrious Indianborn executive who went on to become the first Asian to head Chanel the reputed French fashion company Born and brought up in India Leena chose to study Human Res

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