Compensation management
What We Wish Everyone Knew About Compensation Management!

With the increasing diversity of our workforce it is more critical than ever for HR teams and corporate leaders to find new ways to keep employees engaged and driven In order to ensure that the expectations and requirements of the employees are fulfilled it is important that they are adequately paid

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a group of employees discussing organization goals
What the heck is Management by Objectives (MBO)

And how MBO can help your organization improve employee performance One of the most desired things on wish lists of modern organizations isnt a fancy office For the umpteenth time its great employees delivering great performance  According to a research from the Harvard Business Review %

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5 Things You Should Do To Win Your Candidate’s Heart

What comes to your mind when you hear the term recruiter A person responsible for bringing the right people into the company is just a mere definition you can think of Recruitment goes beyond professional barriers and ventures into creating lasting relationships being the cornerstone for change and

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two men talking to each other in office
42 Employee Appreciation Messages For Recognition and Motivation

Employee engagement starts with appreciation When deserving employees are appreciated for their work their morale skyrockets  According to a report when asked what leaders could do more to improve engagement % of respondents replied give recognition The opposite is also true When people d

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Reinventing employee engagement with Keka’s Pulse surveys

At Keka weve redesigned the surveying mechanism for our customers This may or may not surprise you but the existing pollsurveys are simply not good enough Thats why we decided to build a pulse survey feature from scratch to help other organizations and our own   Why arent regular surveys any go

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Create a safe workplace with Keka’s Facial Recognition Attendance

The workforce has slowly started to return to their offices in phases owing to decreasing intensity of Covid To ensure employeesafety companies are turning onto contactless attendance systems at the entry points and inside workplaces Facial recognition is one such technology that businesses are

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a group of people discussing in the office
Employee accountability in a workplace

To start its not what you think  Employee accountability is as much about autonomy as its about trust All employees are responsible for their actions behavior performance and choices at work When you give employees control they feel responsible and inspired All of this results in increased moti

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SMART goals at a workplace with examples

How many times have you heard the phrase Work smart not hard   We know youve heard it plenty of times The key to working smart starts with setting SMARTer goals at work There are several goalsetting frameworks out there like OKR EFQM etc However for individuals SMART goals are the best fo

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Compensation Analytics Is No More Complex With Keka!

Compensation is a culturedefining term for an organization Why Heres the answer Based on how the compensation plan is designed communicated and managed it can positively or negatively impact the organizational culture and performance    The CEB Analytics study shows that when companies

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Close-up of a progressive employee
12 professional development goals for 2021

To all employees and managers     Whether you are setting goals individually or a manager whos setting goals for the entire team those goals must keep an eye on the personal development of everyone involved in the process    Building skills working on professional development goals an

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Employee Pulse Surveys
Importance of Employee Pulse Surveys

Employee engagement is a neglected element in most organizations and thats why Pulse Surveys are the need of the hour Think of the below question How are you   How many times have you put forward this question in front of an employee and got vague replies only to see that employee disengaged

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Leadership qualities
Leadership Qualities: 9 Must-have Skills That Make A Great Leader

You will experience all kinds of circumstances and emotions there will be good times difficult times and even terrible times However a good leader should always be able to lead the team to victory regardless of the situation they face But the idea of leadership is often misunderstood and con

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