appraisal letter format
Appraisal Letter Format, Sample Guidelines, and How to Write Them

Dearest Appraisal Letter writers   If you like evaluating individual performances in the right way its obvious that you have big plans to finish the appraisal letters youve been wanting to complete for the past few days   So instead of plain old information were giving you appraisal le

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Onboarding checklist
The only onboarding checklist you’ll ever need

Today its quite astonishing to witness how effectively businesses have managed to adapt and survive in this Covid tussle Organizations have gone remote and have successfully transitioned their most operations to digital Although digital transformation boomed there are potential concerns and re

11 min read
meeting templates
11+ One on One Meeting Templates for Employee Engagement

As a manager your next One on One meeting is coming up soon Youve already prepared a One on One meeting checklist and also read the One on One meeting guide but are stuck   Without any One on One meeting templates to help things dont look great  on s only work if there is a con

11 min read
The Ultimate One on One meeting checklist

Meet Raj  Like most managers his job is to manage a lot of things at the same time  Raj is proud to be a manager but his team thinks hes not a good manager They appreciate the fact that hes trying but agree that Raj often shies away from OneonOne meetings Raj is sad and has no idea what

12 min read
5 Reasons Why You Should Use An HR Software For Your Organization

When a company grows it typically faces problems such as scaling workflow management process optimization and so on Managing the human capital of an organization becomes complicated as the number of employees increases  Wondering if your company really needs HR software or is it just an addit

7 min read
The Union Budget-2021 Highlights

The firstever digital Union Budget was presented by Smt Nirmala Sitharaman Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs on st February in the Parliament Throwing some light over the fact that the battle against Covid continues into and Nirmala Sitharaman added that these transformations

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How to conduct exit interviews

High employee turnover rate is a nightmare for any HR and consecutively the business There isnt any universal motive for employees to leave your company because you cannot control all the things they experience Even though you made slick business policies and schemes to enhance employee wellbeing it

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Recruitment vs TA
5 ways recruitment is different from Talent Acquisition

Recruitment and talent acquisition are equally crucial to any business scaling in terms of growth and success Its a common notion that recruitment and talent acquisition are the same Although both of their core purposes resonate with each other they differ in their nature and approach What you need

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HR analytics
HR Analytics: Changing the way you manage your workforce

Human Resource Management has witnessed enormous growth in the last few years Traditionally HR has become one of the most humancentric aspects of an organization and it has been challenging for practitioners to assess and evaluate performance clearly as in the sales department for instance HR An

11 min read
okr vs 4dx
OKR vs. 4DX: Who’s the winner?

The path to success in any organization starts with setting the right goals  How do you set the right goals How do you align the goals of individuals teams and your entire organization in a common direction  Short Answer Effective Goal Management  However things become complex the moment

8 min read
okr vs smartgoals
OKR vs. SMART goals: Key differences, Explained

Hey its another goalsetting day and we understand youre again at a crossroads in terms of which goalsetting tool you should pick In this series we have also compared  OKR vs EFQM  OKR vs DX Today lets have a look at how OKRs compare with SMART goals Both OKRs and SMART goals ar

9 min read
HR tech trends for 2021
8 Technology Trends in HR to Watch Out for in 2022

From the a flexible hours framework to a holistic approach to employee wellbeing will be the year in which HR will make a significant contribution to the evolution it has witnessed in recent years What is there to look forward to in the HR industry What bends should you keep an eye out for This art

13 min read

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