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Do You Know If Your Remote and Field Staff Is Actually Working?
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 14, 2017

Being on the move for employees is not a rare phenomenon In the increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment remote employees are becoming a bigger reality

How To Choose The Best Payroll Software In India
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 06, 2017

Payroll is also an essential function in any business which is why it critical that it gets executed with the least amount of error It takes away a lot of time

Payroll Software 2017,Trends To Watch Out For
Keka Editorial Team | May 01, 2017

The previous couple of years have seen several significant advances in the payroll processes Thought leaders and businesses have also slowly begun to realize that payroll

Introducing Payslips on Keka Mobile App
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 10, 2017

Payslips now available on Mobile App Step DownloadUpdate Keka mobile app and login to the mobile app using your registered email & password Download Keka for iOS Download Keka for Android

Keka Wins Best Payroll Software Award
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 17, 2017

Keka just won its th Award since inception in And this time it is Best Payroll Software in India awarded by World HRD Congress

Step by Step process to file ECR (Electronic Challan–Cum–Return) version 2.0 (with Screenshots)
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 09, 2017

Step by Step process to file ECR version on EPFO unified web portal Step Login to EPFO portal using your ECR portal credentials

PF (Provident Fund) ECR Version 2.0 – Challan Filing Changes
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 03, 2017

Employee Provident Fund Office (EPFO) is doing a great job improvising the processes First they released UAN format for all employees that will stay with an employee

6 Best Practices to Welcome New Employees in your Organization
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 04, 2016

Introducing new employees into the organization is a tedious and major function for HR professionals Especially if they have to onboard a huge number of people on the same day

Pros and Cons of outsourcing and having in-house Payroll
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 27, 2016

Accurate and compliant payroll is very essential for your employees and for you too as a business owner Figuring out what process to use between payroll outsourcing and

Payroll software: Benefits of using payroll software
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 28, 2016

There are innumerous benefits of using payroll software for your business However you should choose the right system which suits your needs and provides good customer support

360 degree performance appraisal Process
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 16, 2016

degree performance appraisal is also known as multi source feedback It is feedback that comes directly or indirectly from the employees

10 Main Objectives of Human Resource Management (HRM)
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 15, 2016

simply put refers to the administration of Human Resources The purpose of lies in successful utilization

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