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What is Employee Empowerment?

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Employee empowerment is a belief that focuses on the importance of providing the employees with the necessary tools, resources, and autonomy, and they are held accountable for the decisions and actions they take. 

Employee empowerment can bring about a considerable amount of change in productivity, engagement, and employee satisfaction. It is the willingness of the management to share power with the employees to achieve the organizational goals and aim for better results for the employees and customers alike. 

Ways to empower employees and work towards the end goal: 

Switch from top-down management

Switching from the top-down approach cannot happen overnight, it’s an evolving process which needs time and you need to trust and have faith in the process and focus on the larger goal which is to empower the employees. This switch may mean that you have to reinvent the corporate culture entirely in order for you to instill the belief in all employees that they are accountable to each other and responsible for their own success. 

Strong policies

Policies that promote and encourage the employees to take charge not only help the employee grow in their career but also help the management and employees in reaching the common organizational goals.  

Policies should also align with the company culture; the culture alignment aspect of the policy is one of the most crucial steps and plays a huge role when we talk about employee empowerment. 

Trust your employees and Delegate

Sharing power also means sharing responsibility and that can be only done when you trust your employees. Delegating your work to your employees helps in two ways- you get some load off of your shoulders and your employees learn from the additional responsibility. This also helps in employee growth and employee satisfaction. When the employee feels valued at their work, they are motivated to deliver their absolute best and in doing so they only widen their growth scope. 

Self-determination is a powerful tool

Employees and management need to be determined and push themselves for better work to achieve results. When the employees are determined to reach their goals, they become an unstoppable force that will only rest once the objective has been reached.  

When employees are empowered and given the tools and resources, they feel trusted and valued, this helps them stay focused on their objective with determination. Employee empowerment often leads to self-determined employees which helps the organization build a strong workforce while being on track to reach organizational goals. 

HR role in Employee Empowerment

Learning and Development Programs

Employees will only be empowered when they have the necessary knowledge and skill required for the job. When you enable your employees to learn and develop their knowledge and skills, they become more confident in their job and it also helps them lay a path for their career growth which leads to a motivated and engaged workforce. 

A lot of jobs in the beginning of our careers may have been more of a learning experience than a job. 

If an employee feels that they are not learning anything in their job they might think that they have hit a dead-end and are wasting their time. 

If that happens to be the case then employees would not have any reason to continue working at the company. 

Educating and developing the employees to be more efficient and productive is just as important as sharpening an axe before chopping a tree. Having the employees participate in some learning and development programs gives them an edge at being better at their job which gives them more confidence and they work more efficiently. 

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HR influencers

They are the bridge to make the most changes in the company. They can communicate to the employee exactly what the company needs and show the company what the employees can provide. Acting as an agent of change and pushing ideas are at the forefront of an HR influencers’ role to make a significant impact on the betterment of the company.  

They should have knowledge of all aspects of the company so they can help employees make better decisions and in turn help the company meet its goals. Employees can benefit from someone who can show them the needs of the company in ways the employee might not be able to see. 

Another way is to share benefit programs and show how employees can use those opportunities to grow themselves and the company. They should be open for employees to voice their concerns so that they’ll act as the path for collaboration and make necessary changes accordingly. The employees should be given enough independence, along with the right tools and knowledge, to make use of their talents and skills in the most efficient and effective way possible 

HR doables and deliverables

Active listening

Listening actively doesn’t merely mean hearing and responding with appropriate body language and emotion, but also asking questions that deepen the speaker’s narrative and show your understanding of concepts discussed. When HR leaders actively listen, employees feel heard. 

Being involved in decision-making

It’s important for the HR leader to attend important meetings with the decision makers and the key stakeholders. This can help in ensuring that the HR department has transparency around what’s happening in the organization and feels empowered to create programs that are a perfect fit for organizational goals. 

Professional development

HR professionals must also have access to professional development opportunities within the HR space, also known as HRD (Human Resource Development). This gives them the required knowledge and skills to create an effective employee empowerment program. 


Empowering the employees and understanding HR’s role in it is very critical as it helps in creating and maintaining a healthy work environment and shows a strong work culture that is driven by the employees in the organization. 

A Strong workforce leads to goals but an empowered workforce will lead you to continued success! 

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