Top 10 Apps Every HR Should Use
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 31, 2018

Every Hr manager and professional are now transforming as a strategic partner in the firm and they now do a wide variety of tasks from hiring to performance management for making that happen they need HR software and Hr apps to help them get the maximum output in this world of digitization as whole

Performance Management – Success Stories from Adobe & GE
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 29, 2018

I cannot even begin to count the number of articles and reports that I have gone through in the last two years regarding the boycott of the traditional annual review system by global category leaders

This MIT Professor Explains What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 21, 2018

Two most basic human desires are validation and recognition If a person is working hard they want someone they look up to or admire to witness their journey If people toil hard to achieve something they would want to be noticed and applauded for their efforts

Top 3 Trends Causing Major Shift in Performance Management
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 16, 2018

The performance management revolution is in full flight Companies across industries and geographies are relooking at the way they measure their employees performance

The Role of Diversity in Fostering Employee Engagement
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 31, 2017

Earlier this year a viral blog by a female employee at Uber set the whole world and social media on fire It clearly brought out how female employees in top technology industries

Performance Management Trends for 2024
Keka Editorial Team | Nov 30, 2017

The past couple of years have seen an enormous amount of discussion around performance management There were numerous conversations and debates around organizations across the globe debunking the age old and traditional annual performance

Employee Experience Lessons From Ford Motor Co.
Keka Editorial Team | Nov 29, 2017

Category leaders across the world are relooking at their employee engagement strategies Ford Motor Co with an employee strength of nearly employees across countries recently developed a new people strategy

Your Managers Might Be Making Your Employees Leave
Keka Editorial Team | Nov 16, 2017

Whenever a great employee puts in hisher papers it comes as a shock to the management They try whatever they can to retain that person because the cost of replacing a good employee is huge

5 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs a Payroll Software
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 27, 2017

Its last week of the month again The time that all employees look forward to and work hard for But wait do some of them also dread that there might be an error in calculation like the last month

4 Best Practices for Tracking Time and Attendance
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 13, 2017

Attendance management and time tracking are often considered a tedious task But at the same time it is a critical function for every organization and needs to be carried out effectively

The Future of Human Resource Management Software in Indian businesses
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 06, 2017

Will you be investing an HRMS software thats more employeecentric or companycentric Or something that just automates your manual operations Or may be that just helps you in timemanagement

5 Tips to Keep Your Millennial Workforce Engaged
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 24, 2017

Only % of millennials are engaged at work ~ Gallup With an everincreasing growth in the composition of millennials in the workforce understanding their needs and applying strategies for their retention has become extremely critical

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