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How to Nail Interview Invitation Emails (Expert Tips with Templates)

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You have filtered the huge stack of job applications and are ready to interview the lucky few.  

But here’s the main challenge- To ensure the best fits actually make it to the interview.  


Because candidates usually have several options to choose from.  

And there aren’t many skilled professionals suitable for the job. You need to make a mark and grab their attention before someone else does.  

An engaging and well-written invitation email can do the trick.  

Moreover, in today’s business world, providing an awesome employee/candidate experience is everything.  

Make sure you leave the right impression even before you onboard an applicant.  

As such, your interview confirmation email needs to stand out, reflect an awesome company culture, and include all the details candidates might require.  

You also want to come across as a compassionate employer that values its people.  

Plus, this will probably be the first time you officially interact with them. Use it to your advantage.  

How, you ask? 

This article is going to cover all of your ‘whys’, ‘hows’ and more  

Bonus: Scroll to the end of this article for expert tips to secure maximum interview confirmations.  

Once you get the confirmations and the interviews go well, your offer letters & welcome emails should also be awesome.  

Our HR Toolkit has every email template you may need in your HR career along with interview questions, JDs, checklists and more. 

Must-have elements of an interview invitation email

We are all aware of the common “You are selected for the next round” emails that mention a straight up pre-decided date and time with no other details.  

No one has got the time and interest for considering that kind of company anymore.  

You want to write emails that subtly highlight why you are the best employer they could ever work for (Maybe not that dramatic but you get the point, right?).  

While we definitely recommend showing your excitement about interviewing them and perhaps even having them on board in future, make sure you don’t overdo it.  

There are a few factors to consider and things to tick off while writing the email.  

And don’t forget to mention every possible detail that candidates might need to appear for the interview.  

Job seekers are already stressed about giving the interview, an unclear and vague email will just add up. Help them walk into the interview with confidence.  

Focus on your subject line 

Make your subject line as clear as possible. You don’t want the candidates to miss out on opening the mail itself. A direct “Interview invitation from XYZ company” works well too.  

You can also add the details of the position to grab candidates’ attention.  

Include company name and location 

To keep it short yet informative, mention your company name and its location right away in the first sentences of the email.  

You want to start by identifying yourself and reminding them of your organization. 

Follow the tone your company identifies with

If your company follows a more relaxed and informal work culture, make sure your email reflects it. Most millennials prefer such organizations.  

So, showcasing it through the content will increase your chances of receiving confirmations.  

However, if your organization believes in a more formal and professional approach, let your email translate the same and make way for the most suitable candidates.  

Restate the position/role

Most professionals don’t apply for just one job. They send out applications to quite a few.  

So, you are presumably competing with some of the top employers. To make your interview invitation stand out, reiterate the position they will interview for early on.  

Mentioning in the subject line itself also works great. This helps candidates save time skimming through the email just to find the role.  

Mention the mode of the interview- physical/virtual/telephonic

You cannot assume that candidates are in your town or ready for an in-person interview.  

In the age of remote working, virtual interviews are in demand. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other applications are now household names.  

So, try giving options for the platform where the interview will be conducted.

If this is going to be a physical interview, include the address of your office and an emergency contact number.

In case of an e-meeting or a telephonic conversation, send the correct joining links or the phone number they will be receiving the interview call from.

Including details of whether it will be a video interview or not is a great addition.  

Add a short brief on the interviewer

You get confident when you know who you are going to talk with. Let candidates know their interviewer beforehand, including their name, designation and relevance to the position. Adding a link to their LinkedIn profile can also help candidates familiarize themselves with the interviewer.  

Include the software details for presenting any assignment: 

Certain job roles, like those of a content writer, graphic designer and others, might require the completion of an assignment.

If so, you may want to ask the candidate how they would like to present it. You can also ask them to either carry hard copies of the completed task or present by sharing screen if it’s a virtual interview.  

Offer multiple time-frames for the interview:  

This is the time to think about the candidates’ availability as well.

You might miss out on potential employees just because you weren’t ready to budge from your pre-decided date & time. As previously mentioned, candidates may have applied for several companies.

Plus, they might also be currently employed, which reduces the time they could allot for the interview.

Think about the different time zones too, if some of the candidates are from other countries. Giving them multiple date & time options to choose from allows candidates to fit the interview in their schedule.  

 Templates for interview invitation email:  

The templates below are samples that can be edited as per the company’s details.  

Templates 1:  Formal email

Hi [Name], 

We are happy to tell you that we liked your application for the post of (designation) at (company name). As such, the management has decided to take it forward and interview you in person. Please let us know which of the following timeframes suit your schedule for the same.  

  • (Date, time & time-zone) 
  • (Date, time & time-zone) 
  • (Date, time & time-zone) 

You will be interviewed by (name of interviewer) who is the (their position). The interview will last for no more than (duration) and will cover (topics) as well. Our office is located at (address). I am attaching the map of the same for better understanding. We would also require you to bring your completed assignment in any medium you prefer along with your proof of identification.  
You may reply directly to this email to confirm your availability or ask any questions. We look forward to meeting you.  

 [Your name] 
[Company name] 

Templates 2:  Informal/Casual email (Virtual): 

Hi [Name], 

We have reviewed your application and are excited to share that we want to interview you for the position of [designation] at [company name]. You will be interviewed by [name of interviewer & designation] on Zoom/Teams. 

We want you to plan the interview according to your availability. Hence, please let us know a time & date amongst the options below: 

  1. (Date, time & time-zone) 
  1. (Date, time & time-zone) 
  1. (Date, time & time-zone) 

The interviewer will also ask you questions around [topic] so it would be great if you prepared for it. 

You can reply directly to this email with your preferred timeframe & platform. We will take it from there. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  

Best of luck! Hope to see you at the interview.  

 [Your name] 
[Company name] 

Templates 3:  Informal/Casual (In-person) 

Hi [Name], 

We are glad to share that we wish to interview you for the position of [designation] at [company name]. We read your application and were impressed by your previous work achievements. As such, meeting you in person for the interview is what we look forward to!  

The interview will be at our office premises, the address and map of which is attached with this mail. We have also listed the ways you can reach our office through private and public transportation. Here are a few date & time options for the interview. Please let us know which one works for you. We will take it from there.  

  1. (Date, time & time-zone) 
  1. (Date, time & time-zone) 
  1. (Date, time & time-zone) 

During the interview, you will be asked to present your completed assignment on [topic if wasn’t mentioned earlier]. You may either bring hard copies of it or showcase through a PDF- whatever suits you. We follow a more relaxed dress code so casuals are great. Once you reach the location, please [directions] and contact the [person to contact] at [contact details].  

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!  

 [Your name] 
[Company name] 

Pro-tips to reflect a better brand image

These may seem like a no-brainer but can take you a long way in securing interview confirmations with candidates that can best fill the positions at your company.

Everyone does the usual, but you need to go above and beyond to stand out from others.

You want to become their employer of choice. The tips below will immensely help in doing just that. 

  • Approximate the interview duration 
  • Attach a map and an image of the interview venue 
  • Guide with travel resources/details of reimbursement (if applicable) 
  • Include how to contact you upon arriving 
  • Mention where to go after reaching the venue 
  • Add links of videos/images that depict company culture 
  • Consider giving a list of topics to discuss 
  • Chip in the dress code to follow 
  • Show that you care 
  • Include back-ups for tech mishaps 

Final Words!

While these recommendations will help you gain brownie points, it depends on you to ensure the entire recruitment process is smooth and glitch-free.

Maintaining the data of every candidate and making it available at any required instance is very important.

Manual methods during sensitive events will only fail you and earn the disappointment of your employer.  

The hiring journey isn’t easy. We get it. Streamline the process and safely store the documents of all candidates with Keka. Leave no room for errors by keeping the repository accessible anytime, anywhere for employees’ hire to retire cycle. 

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