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Remote working Policy Example

At (Name of the Company) we understand the benefits of allowing employees to work from home. By enabling remote work, we aim to attract the best talent, regardless of location, increase the productivity of our employees and raise employee retention.

(Name of the Company) began offering remote work option in (years). This policy serves as a guide to help all employees to understand the regulations and expectations of working remotely with (Name of the Company).
Since implementing our remote work policy (years) ago, feedback from employees has been integral in creating this document. Review the information below to be fully prepared for your remote work journey at (Name of the Company) and be sure to send any comments or questions to (email of HR Department).

Policy Purpose

This policy outlines guidelines for employees to work from a location other than our offices. We want to ensure that both employees and our company will benefit from these arrangements.

(Name of the company) considers the remote work policy to be a viable, flexible work option when both the employee and the job responsibilities are suited for it.  Remote working maybe an option for some employees and jobs not for all.  Remote working is not an entitlement and not a (Name of the Company) wide benefit. It in no way changes the terms and conditions of employment with (Name of the Company).

Scope Of The Policy

This policy applies to all employees whose primary work location is not at our offices. All arrangements will be made on a case to case basis focusing first on the business needs of the organisation.

Policy Elements

Remote working is a permanent or temporary agreement between employees and managers to work from a non office location for more than (number) days. Either an employee or the supervisor can suggest remote working as a possible work arrangement. To ensure optimal employee performance, remote employees should

  • Choose a quiet and distraction free work space
  • Have an internet connection adequate for the job
  • Dedicate full attention to the work on hand during the work hours
  • Adhere to break schedules as approved by the manager
  • Ensure work and break schedules compliment other team members

Employees working remotely must follow (Name of the organisation)’s policies such as

  • Confidentiality
  • Data protection and information security
  • Employee code of conduct
  • Anti-discrimination/Equal opportunity
  • Appropriate behaviour and attire when conducting (Name of the organisation) business


Employees requesting remote working arrangements must have been continuously employed with (Name of the organisation) for (months)  through regular employment and must have a satisfactory performance record.

Consideration for remote work requires the written recommendation from the immediate supervisor. Qualification will be determined with regard to the individual’s job duties and position. All employees may not qualify. Eligibility will be determined and finalized by HR.

Work Plan

The supervisor is encouraged to submit a formal work plan for the remote worker. The plan will identify and outline areas of responsibilities, daily tasks and measurable long term objectives.

Employees may work remotely on a permanent or temporary basis. Permanent remote work employees should indicate their primary working address in a remote working environment.

HR will assess each employee’s request on a case to case basis. Besides the regular remote work arrangement the following reasons could be reasons to opt for the remote work arrangement

  • Office based employees may also work remotely for a maximum of (days/weeks) per year if the employee wants to visit their family/birth place
  • Employees who are new parents or suffer from short/long term disability or other health condition
  • Employees who relocate


Remote workers must be available on phone and email during core company hours and present for all mandatory staff meetings. All client meetings are to be conducted on a client or company site. Any exceptions require permission from the supervisor.

Company Equipment

The Company will provide our remote employees with equipment that is essential to their duties such as laptops, headsets and cell phones (if applicable). The IT department  will install the required software when employees receive their equipment. Equipment is to be used by the employee only and strictly for company projects only. All items provided by the Company must be listed and approved for off site use and returned to the office upon request. Employees must

  • Keep their equipment protected
  • Store equipment in a safe and clean place when not in use
  • Follow all data encryption, protection standards and settings
  • Refrain from downloading suspicious, unauthorised and illegal software.

Security Of Information

Employees are responsible for keeping documents, sensitive business data and other work related materials confident and secure in the home office location. The employee must comply with the guidelines of proper use of information technology found in the Employee Handbook.

Compensation And Benefits

Compensation is determined by the job role. Other benefits are not altered by the remote working arrangement. Remote employees will also receive (amount) per month as a remote working allowance to cover office related costs (Eg. electricity, rent, etc)

Termination Of Agreement

Both the Company and the employee have the right to terminate the remote work arrangement at any time by written notice. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions maybe cause for disciplinary action and/or termination of the agreement.

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