Job Role

A job role is the part played by an employee as per his KRA (Key Responsibility Areas). A job role refers to a person’s position on a team in the organization. It also includes specific qualifications, duties, and responsibilities required to perform as per their role. For example, a person’s position as a sales manager will require him to bring new business to the company with the assistance of the sales team. This function is fulfilled by the sales manager. Tasks assigned to specific job roles vary from organization to organization. 

job role

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a job title?

A job title is a label that is given to the employee that describes the position and responsibilities held by him. It describes an employee’s designation, level of seniority, and his role in the company. 

2. How should I write my role?

  • List the things you are good at and required by your manager. 
  • Identify the value of the new role 
  • Create a name for the new role 
  • Explain how the new role can fulfill the company’s goals 
  • Write a job summary 
  • List the position’s daily duties and responsibilities 
  • Submit the job description to the manager 
  • Consider a replacement for the job role 
  • Pitch your idea to the right person 
  • Follow-up with the higher-ups 

3. Why are roles important in a team?

Roles are important as they clearly define the duties and responsibilities to be performed by each person. When they are clear, people know what’s expected of them and the team works together better.   

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