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    A sales manager is the captain of the sales team. Wearing multiple hats at a time, they oversee the entire sales process and develop impeccable strategies to drive the sales figure. They are responsible for guiding, training, and mentoring their team members. The work of a sales manager is not just limited to building their team and assigning sales territories to team members. However, they also need to analyze data to understand the gaps and outcomes of the implemented sales strategies.


    This sales manager job description template is designed for easy customization for your company and is ideal for posting on online job boards or career pages.

    About the Role

    The primary responsibility for this role will be to oversee the sales team’s performance and ensure sales goals are achieved. You will also help the learning and development department facilitate salespeople’s training. 

    Job Brief

    We are seeking a passionate and self-driven sales manager for our company. The sales manager’s responsibilities will include supervising and organizing their team. If you have a strong will and want to drive changes, you can join our company. As a sales manager, you will be responsible for developing business plans and meeting the planned goals. You must provide exceptional customer satisfaction and develop value-based customer relationships to meet sales targets.

    Responsibilities As a Sales Manager

    • Scheduling and conducting client meetings
    • Training team members and boosting their morale to help them achieve individual & team objectives
    • Developing new sales channels and coordinating with channel partners to maximize sales
    • Understanding customer needs and helping them make purchase decisions
    • Coordinating with the marketing team for lead generation 
    • Understanding new projects and looking for ways to improve business opportunities
    • Closing sales target on time
    • Maintaining client relationships and offering the best client services
    • Executing and supporting the company’s customer service standards
    • Promoting the organization and product

    Skill sets/Experience Needed for a Sales Manager: 

    •   5-7 years of proven work experience as a Sales Manager/Regional  Manager or related roles
    •   Ability to manage multiple accounts effectively
    •   Experience in sales forecasting and building a customer base
    •   Ability to measure and analyze key performance indicators
    •   Familiarity with CRM software
    •   Good communication & presentation skills
    •   Strong organizational skills with a problem-solving mindset
    •   Need to travel as needed


    •   Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (any discipline)
    •   MBA in Sales & Marketing would be preferred.

    About <Company Name>

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does a Sales Manager do?

    A Sales Manager’s responsibility is to lead and manage a team of sales professionals and help them achieve sales objectives. The work of a sales manager is to strategize and execute sales development plans. They are also responsible for maintaining client relationships and developing sales funnels. 

    2. What are the duties and responsibilities of a Sales Manager?

    A Sales Manager’s roles and responsibilities include providing exceptional customer service, keeping the team morale high, developing sales strategies, and analyzing data to drive sales numbers. To succeed in this role, candidates must have specific sales manager skills such as impeccable communication and listening skills, the ability to resolve customer queries, and self-motivation. 

    3. What makes a good Sales Manager?

    A great Sales Manager knows how to support his team and keep them motivated to achieve the sales target. They track all key performance indicators to understand how their team is performing. Sales manager jobs require an individual to demonstrate strong decision-making abilities and emotional intelligence. 

    4. Who does a Sales Manager work with?

    The Sales Manager works with sales representatives and trains them to achieve the set targets. They may report to the sales head or sales director of a company. However, in some smaller organizations, they directly report to the CEO or managing director. The upper-level management decides the KRA for the sales manager


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