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Occupational Stress

Occupational Stress is a condition an employee experiences due to work pressure, environment, responsibilities, or workload. It is common to face stress by many professionals due to work. The reason for occupational stress differs from person to person but the most common examples of occupational stress include:

  • Loss of wages, pay cuts, and benefits
  • Conflicts among coworkers in a department or between organizational groups
  • Workforce mismanagement
  • Bullying, belittling, and discriminating
  • Strict policies and protocols implemented by the organization
  • Being overworked
  • Performance expectations that far surpass an employee’s training and abilities
  • Poor time management
  • Restricted possibilities for professional and personal self-growth
  • Lack of support from human resource departments
  • Personal, situational, or professional issues
  • Little to no occupational guidance or direction
  • Regular threats of termination


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