HR Software for Small Businesses

Adopting an HRMS revolutionizes SMEs by automating their daily processes so they scale greater heights.

In today’s business landscape, effectively addressing complex HR challenges is quite challenging for SMEs, that’s where an Human Resource Management System (HRMS) comes into play.

HRMS is a software solution designed to simplify the lives of HRs by automating HR processes like payroll, attendance tracking, performance management, etc.

While large organizations have long embraced this technology, SMEs and SMBs need to make this a part of their daily business activity to have that competitive advantage in the dynamic business environment.

Why Does Your Business (SME or SMB) Need an HR Software?

SMEs and SMBs need an HR software as it offers multiple benefits. It automates manual HR tasks like payroll, attendance-tracking, and document management.

Automation reduces errors in critical processes like payroll calculations and compliance documentation, ensuring legal adherence. Employee self-service portals maintain a transparent centralized repository of employee data.

Beyond automation, HRMS helps SMEs optimize their resource and budget constraints by ensuring efficient workforce planning, and facilitating workforce scalability.

HRMS gives SMEs and SMBs the strategic advantage to infuse operational excellence in their routine tasks and emerge as the new market leaders.

What Benefits Does HR Software Bring To Small And Medium Businesses (SMBs)?

The HR software introduces many radical changes in the SMEs and SMBs when incorporated in their daily operations. Introducing it makes the organizations faster, more efficient, and better equipped to scale rapidly.

Here are the key benefits they offer:

  • Accurate Payroll Management: Errors in payroll processing leads to dissatisfied employees, with an HRMS calculate accurate tax-complying salaries.
  • Improved Recruitment and Onboarding: Simplify the recruitment and onboarding process and give your new hires a seamless experience.
  • Performance Management: Every small business needs a good system to manage and track the progress of their employees early on. With HRMS, setting OKRs and goals, and giving effective feedback becomes super easy.
  • Remote Work Management: Adapt to the future of work with flexible work options, let HRMS manage it without any hassles.
  • Centralized Employee Database: Keeping track of growing employee databases is quite cumbersome, HRMS maintains a centralized repository that is easily accessible to the employees and the HR department.
  • Data-driven Insights: Making the right decisions is quintessential for every organization, and empowering them with data-driven insights is the right foot forward.
  • Efficiency and Time Savings: Small businesses often have limited HR personnel, making their job tedious. An HRMS frees them from the routine manual tasks, allowing them to look after strategic initiatives.

What Features Should Your Ideal HR Software Have?

Here are those parameters to hunt for in your HRMS software:

Must Have Good to Have Great to Have
Employee Information ManagementOnboarding and OffboardingEmployee Engagement and Feedback
Attendance and Leave ManagementPerformance ManagementCompliance Management
Payroll Processing Learning and Development Mobile Accessibility
Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Document Management Cost-effectiveness
Security and Data Privacy Integration Capabilities Customer Support
Employee Self-Service Portal Analytics and Reporting Scalability
User Friendly Interface Customization Options Vendor Reputation and Reviews

What Are The Warning Signs That You Need An HR software?

Business associates of small and medium business organizations often overlook the early warning signs when their productivity takes a plunge, they assume it to be a problem in their processes or their leadership.

Warning Signs to keep an eye on:

  • Manual data entry, payroll calculations, paperwork consuming HR team’s time and energy.
  • Poorly managed recruitment and onboarding process.
  • The senior leadership must be involved in planning and implementing diversity programs
  • Face difficulty in identifying top performers, giving timely reviews and mapping goals.
  • Challenges in timely reviews, recognizing top performers, and goal alignment.
  • Your HR department is ill-equipped to handle your business growth.

Does your organization face similar problems?

Maybe it's time to upgrade your HR department and switch to HRMS.

Say Goodbye to HR Inefficiencies, Try Keka!

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How To Choose The Best HR Software For Your Enterprise (SMEs or SMBs)?

To select the best HRMS buddy for your organization, you need to have a strategic approach:

  1. Identify the main pain points of your HR department and the specific needs of the organization, be it payroll processing, document handling, or tracking leave and attendance.
  2. Research the available vendors that cater to specific small and medium business units, take your budget constraints into consideration.
  3. Assess the features offered by each vendor, like scalability, mobile support, and the others in the list mentioned.
  4. Utilize the free demos and trials to gain a complete understanding of the product.
  5. Include various stakeholders in the decision making process to make an all-rounded decision.
  6. Evaluate the terms and conditions, pricing structure, customer support and within the budget range, if the HRMS solution aligns with these, then choose it.

Ultimately your ideal HRMS buddy will be easy to navigate, give great Return On Investment (ROI), and help you scale your business to new heights.

hr software for small bussiness

Why Choose Keka?

Now you know how to choose your ideal HRMS buddy for your Small and Medium Business, does a name strike your mind?

Keka stands out as your one-stop solution provider for all your HR needs, that transforms your small businesses by contributing to its growth and efficiency.

With Keka, experience 90% time savings, seamless payroll processing and an engaged workforce.

Adopt Keka today to witness your employees fall in love with their work!

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And not only this, Keka also offers the following amazing features:

Payroll Management

Accurate and timely payroll procession, eliminate month-end woes.

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Attendance Tracking

Keep attendance disruptions at bay with automated leave management and biometric integration.

Learn more

Recruitment and Onboarding

Make hiring a smooth sail with easy job posting and onboarding.

Learn more

Performance Management

Set goals, OKRs, and manage feedback and appraisal with ease.

Learn more

Employee Self-Service

Empower your team with access to their documents, leave balances, pay slips, and more.

Learn more

Compliance Management

Shield yourself from legal issues, and be compliant with policy changes.

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Analytics and Reporting

Get fast insights to make the best decisions.

Learn more

Document Management

Centralized system secures all your documents and guards it against cyber attacks.

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Employee Engagement

Transparent communication channels to keep your employees engaged.

Training and Development

Tailored training modules to boost your team's skills and competencies.

Remote Work Support

With mobile accessibility make your remote employees lives easy.


Tailor the system to serve your needs and make it your growth buddy.

How Can Keka Help You Grow Your Business?

Keka HR acts as the catalyst for organizational growth by providing customizable features. Streamline HR operations, automate payroll processing, track attendance and leaves, and more effortlessly.

Additionally, benefit from Keka’s data-driven insights for informed decision-making and finding the best fit candidate through its efficient recruitment and performance management system.

Transparent communication channels that keep your employees dedicated and engaged and compliance management to eliminate legal trouble, is another feature Keka offers.

Keka goes beyond the usual solutions, offering remote work support, gamified rewards and recognition, and personalized training modules to help you build a future-ready workforce for your business.

Don’t settle for an ordinary solution. With Keka, make your small business journey extraordinary!

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