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Attendance Management System

The only cloud attendance software you will ever need

Keka is the only attendance management system in India that integrates every aspect of time tracking right from capturing time anywhere, scheduling shifts, and tracking over-time which is fully integrated with payroll.

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Time tracking that doesn’t feel like micromanaging

Keka gamifies the time tracking and gives a beautiful interface for employees to monitor their time, so your managers do not have to do the micro-management!

Gamify attendance for your employees and promote accountability within organisation

Attendance Policies

Flexible policies for remote working employees

Configure your leave policies with a rich set of rules to suit your work culture and business goals across the globe. Keka HR offers the most configurable and flexible leave system to manage any kind of leave - paid, unpaid, sick, statutory, or any leave type.

Customise flexible policies for remote employees

Biometric attendance

Realtime integration with 200 biometric devices

Keka's employee attendance management system is the only cloud platform in India that does real-time integration with all attendance device types - Biometric, Smart Card, RFID, Facial recognition devices, Near Field Communication NFC devices. Our universal driver framework supports 200+ hardware devices from vendors across the world.

Biometric Integration

Time tracking API

Track time from Wifi or using IoT devices

Keka’s flawless integration enables you to track time using IoT devices such as biometric scanners, facial recognition software, etc. ensuring a hassle-free time-tracking experience.

Time tracking from Wifi with IOT devices

Leave approvals

Custom approval workflows

Control who approves time off requests or even set up replacement persons. Define skips for delayed actions, set up notifications, and as many stages of approval. Set up & track who's doing what.

Leave Approval flow made easy

Easy shift management

Shift rotations

Keep everyone in the loop by using a shared leave calendar. Multiple users can see who in their team is off from any device to schedule their team meetings, manage project and resource planning.

Shift Rotation made easy with Keka' Attendance Management Software

Leave and Pay calculations

Let Keka do all the mundane math for you

Keka HR helps you with the trickiest of calculations, so you don't have to sweat. Simply define your rules, and the system takes care of the rest for all your employees.

Shift and OT management

Make shift scheduling effortless with the comprehensive shift boards and enable automatic shift rotations that gives you 24*7 coverage.

Geo based fencing

Manage the employee attendance with GPS/Mobile tracking system that enables your workforce from office, field or client location.


Employees and middle management will have access to all the required information such as team-based leave stats or summary of leave types through analytics.

Mobile first approach

All your employees have to do is capture a selfie through your mobile and Keka instantly matches it with employee database to authenticate the attendance.

1000+ biometric device integration

Keka’s attendance management system can be seamlessly integrated with all types of attendance devices and 200+ hardware devices.

Easy approval workflows

Define, schedule and setup notifications so that you don’t miss out on anything and swiftly manage your workflows.

Employee Attendance Automation

Attendance automation that lets HR focus on people

We want HR to do great things. Tracking attendance manually isn’t one of them. Keka Attendance Management Software does end-end automation of tracking, managing, and scheduling employee hours. It does it seamlessly with your existing bio-metric infrastructure.

Automate your Attendance process

Attendance sync intelligence

Sends alerts and handles biometric device failures

Biometric devices abruptly disconnect from the network for various reasons. Keka is the only cloud attendance system that gracefully handles device failures and proactively alerts the IT Admins. Keka gracefully recovers all your past offline logs from the attendance device and restores synchronization. We have customers located in rural areas, hilly terrains, and northeast Indian states successfully using our software without issues.

Alerts Admin in time of Biometric failure with one of its kind Attendance Management Software

Payroll Intergration

Fully integrated with Keka Payroll

Keka's Leave & Attendance Management System is seamlessly integrated with the payroll management system so that you do not have to keep switching between systems to process payroll monthly payroll!

Get a Attendance Management Software which is completely Integrated with Payroll Software

Employee Analytics Dashboard

Rich Analytics for executive and middle

Whether its your employees or managers, Keka's rich anaytics and dashboards ensure that each of them gets the reqiured information along with the valuable analytics and insightful dashboards. Right from department-based leave stats for managers to a summary of leave types for employees, it is designed to serve the needs of your whole workforce!

Get all your Attendance Data compiled in graphs and charts to help you made informed decision


Overtime made easy so you don’t work overtime

That's right! You don't need sit and track overtime anymore as Keka's Overtime Configuration will do that for you. All you have to do check/uncheck the predefined options based on your overtime polices and its all set to start tracking!

Auto calculate Overtime of employees and compensate them according to organisation policy

Time tracking rules engine

Rules engine to shape your employee time habits

Tracking policies play a vital role in shaping your employee time habits. Set up different tracking rules for different teams/levels as per your organizational requirements through a unified interface.

Customise rule engine to shape your employees time habits.
Ranjeet Singh
Keka HR gets a thumbs up from all stakeholders at Enpro. We simply love it, especially the attendance management feature!
Ranjeet Singh General Manager- HR | Enpro
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Keka HR gets a thumbs up from all stakeholders at Enpro. We simply love it, especially the attendance management feature!

Ranjeet Singh

Ranjeet Singh

General Manager- HR | Enpro

Scaling your enterprise

Empower your middle management

Keka HR helps you with the trickiest of calculations, so you don’t have to sweat. Simply define your rules, and the system takes care of the rest for all your employees.

Team / Department Visibility

Keka not just empowers HRs and managers but also allows employees to stay put with the team updates with insightful features such as shared leave calendars, email notifications, etc.

Approval Workflows

Create customised workflows for each team and quickly set-up levels of approvals as required. All you will need to do is develop an approval chain and everything can be accessed through this one unified interface.

Analytics and reports

Data trends and analysis is no more complex with Keka. Get some holistic insights into your workforce and promote an evidence-based approach through your culture.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is an attendance management system?

An attendance management system helps you keep track of employee hours.You can capture their attendance from anywhere and schedule shifts according to your need.Cloud attendance management systems like Keka can provide one single dashboard with all your attendance data while integrating the same with payroll.

Q2. What are the benefits of using an attendance management system?

There are several benefits of using an attendance management system for employees. Namely

  1. Precision and Accuracy: Attendance management systems ensure accurate, error-free record of employee attendance through automation.
  2. Timesaving: Attendance recording and tracking can be quite time-consuming. By replacing manual processes, an attendance management system saves time for both your employees and the HR department.
  3. Cost-effective: With automation, there is no need for manual record-keeping, which reduces the cost of labor and supplies required for attendance tracking.
  4. Compliance: It can help you comply with labor laws and regulations, such as minimum wage and overtime requirements, by providing accurate records of employee hours worked.
  5. Analytics: It can provide valuable insights into employee attendance patterns and trends, which can help you identify areas for improvement and help in resource allocation.
  6. Remote work: It can help track the attendance of remote workers. This is especially important for companies that have employees working across different time zones.

Q3. How can Keka attendance management system help with payroll processing?

Keka’s cloud attendance management system syncs your payroll data. Here’s how it can help you with your payroll processing:

  1. Automate migration of Payroll data to your attendance management system to eliminate any chances of manual error while computing employee salaries.
  2. Manage overtime compensation as attendance is tracked for all working hours automatically.
  3. Automate shift and roaster compensation
  4. Compensation-linked Penalization policies help in calculating loss of pay in case the employee is late/not present during working hours.
  5. Capture attendance data from multiple sources as employees can choose to log in through biometric devices, mobile phones and so on.

Q4. Can Keka attendance management system be customized to meet an organization's needs?

Keka’s attendance management system is highly customizable. You can configure all aspects of attendance management depending on your organization’s needs.

For instance, you can:

  1. Customize attendance and leave policies
  2. Configure multiple policies as per type and need of workforce
  3. Tailor disciplinary rules according to the org’s needs. Set policies for loss of pay, leave deduction or other penalties
  4. Use 8 modes of capturing attendance including biometric, remote clock in, Geo tracking, continuous tracking, IP restrictions, facial recognition, selfie attendance, and timesheet based attendance.
  5. Customize time-off for employees according to their specific job type

Q5. How Keka attendance management system helps with managing remote teams?

For starters, Keka can help you customize your leave policies.

Keka allows you to configure your attendance policies with a rich set of rules to suit your work culture and business goals across the globe.

  1. Let you employees login remotely
  2. Help employees raise attendance regularization/correction requests online
  3. Provide employee self service dashboard wherein they can track attendance stats, shift schedules and so on.
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