Employee Profiles

Beautiful profile for employees to show off

Keka enables you to keep employee satisfaction at the front end of the business. It gives your employees an appealing interface for their own profile, which has their information structured in a beautiful way. Just like their personalized web page!

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Social profile

A place for employees to showcase themselves

With Keka, your employees get a well-structured foundation where they can exhibit their identity including brief life story, likes, about him/her, role in the company etc as per their wish.

Inbuilt Social Network

Employee timeline

Everything about an employee in a timeline view

The entire journey of each employee is captured in a single frame. It allows managers/employees to view the timeline in a few seconds. It is a centralized hub that has every lap updated automatically since the day of on-boarding.

View Employee Journey in 1 screen

Information Access

One place to access everything about an employee

Keka HR software is designed to contain every transactional information about all employees in one place - employee profile. All modules are tightly integrated to put together information about an employee in one well-organized place. Your team leads, managers can access their team member’s documents, goals, compensation, reviews too. Provided they have permissions - which Keka takes care of!

Information storage made easy
Ashok Reddy

Unlike our old HR system, where I had to go to 10 places, Keka makes it extremely easy to access any employee information

Ashok Reddy CEO
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Unlike our old HR system, where I had to go to 10 places, Keka makes it extremely easy to access any employee information

Ashok Reddy

Ashok Reddy


Employee notes and Feedback

Share feedback and log private notes against an employee

Keka HR software lets you log internal private notes against an employee timeline accessible only to designated managers. In addition, all private feedback of an employee can be shared in one place for an employee and their managers.

Share notes and feedback privately

Audit Logging

Track changes to employee info and configure workflows

Keka gives you the liberty to add custom fields during profiling an employee if there is any information that does not exist in the system. For example, their interests, future aspirations, etc.

Configure Employee Workflows
Awesome Cta

Start growing with Keka today

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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