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Employee Self Service Portal

Empower your employees with information they want

Give your employees the ownership of personal details by providing a employee self service platform to update their own profiles, apply leaves, track attendance, raise requests, etc. together at one place. With the beautiful employee profiles, your workforce will be engaged the right way!

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ESS Portal Dashboard

Employees can access from anywhere using single sign-on

Don’t get your employees stuck between multiple credentials. Keka provides you single sign-on access so you do not have to spend time in giving permissions for each platform. Whether it’s through mobile app or the web, your employees can login with just a click with single sign-on access.

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Employee self service dashboard

Team Leave Dashboard

Employees can apply for leave, check leave balances and team calendar

Free your employees from the burden of switching across multiple tabs. They can now view their leave balances, check the team calendar and apply for leave, everything through ess portal without any hassle.

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Employee Leavae and Balances

RealTime Attendance

Track real-time attendance

Whether your employees are working remotely or at the workplace, quickly track their attendance anytime, anywhere. With real-time attendance tracking, employees can instantly track and raise regularization requests without waiting for the monthly attendance reports.

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Remove paperwork hassle and use Keka HR Software to go Digital


Employees can raise helpdesk request and get resolution right there

A helpdesk that ensures your employees can raise their concerns instantly through the employee self service portal and get them resolved right away! Right from technical issues and access limitations to payroll and TDS queries, get everything addressed at one place.

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Employee Helpdesk
Shashikanth Jayaraman, VP HR

Keka helped us achieve a major milestone in our digital transformation journey in managing our 15,000 workforce with ease

Shashikanth Jayaraman, Vice President HR

Keka helped us achieve a major milestone in our digital transformation journey in managing our 15,000 workforce with ease

Shashikanth Jayaraman

Vice President HR


Give praise, share feedback and track goals

Employees love to be appreciated, especially when it comes from their peers! They can now view their achievements, track goals and share feedback with just click.

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Employee feedback and goals

Frequently asked questions

What is Employee Self-Service portal?

Employee Self-Service Portal or ESS is a feature that allows employees to access relevant information to complete work-related tasks or paperwork. They can view and take relevant actions to manage their payroll and other information. Such tasks were traditionally under the control of HR departments, but the modern HRMS or HRIS platform lets employees enter their own details and perform other minor administrative tasks.

Employees can manage their own personal information, attendance, time-off requests, benefits, expenses, performance reviews, and access important documents and handbooks. This not only improves employee experience but also lets HR save time on performing such administrative tasks. It improves efficiency, reduces stress on managers, increases retention, and HR can regain their focus on strategic tasks.

Keka’s Employee Self-Service portal is a platform that gives employees the control to apply leave, track attendance, raise requests, update profiles, etc. Employees can view their team’s leave calendar and apply for leave while also tracking their attendance and managing changes by raising a regularization request. They can access their ESS portal dashboard from any device with just a single sign-in.

It improves employee engagement by promoting communication within a team and organization. For example, it allows people to appreciate each other, interact on the forum, send announcements, polls, and many more. Apart from this, employees can view birthdays, work anniversaries, new joiners, share and receive feedback, and many more that fosters an engaging environment.

Managers and peers can share success stories or recognize employees on Keka’s ESS Portal, which will, in turn, boost the morale of the employees. It eliminates communication with the IT or HR department as employees can change their personal information, view payroll information, access documents, manage leave, etc., in a single place. It puts employees in charge of their own information, leading to better employee experience and retention.

Keka’s ESS portal can be accessed by remote employees. It allows users to easily sign in from any device with just a single click and access is provided so that the managers will not have to go through the trouble of giving permissions for each platform. Regardless of whether the employee is working on-premises or remotely, managers can track their attendance and take actions to manage them.

Keka’s Employee Self-Service is integrated with HR software. It is one of the main features of the available plans: Foundation, Strength, and Growth. Depending on the plan purchased, users will be able to sign-in using the mobile app, email, or mobile OTP along with built-in notification engine and single click sign-in.


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