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Improve and evaluate your culture to reduce employee turnover

Keka’s employee pulse surveys give your team a voice and help you understand them better. Design surveys, evaluate what you are missing from your culture, and set dedicated roles to provide a cutting edge employee engagement experience.

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Pulse Surveys

Ongoing feedback on employee happiness and engagement

Your employees have different sentiments, so you need to find out if they are happy, frustrated, or burned out. Adopt a continuous listening strategy by conducting timely staff pulse surveys. Discover why your employees choose to stay or leave.

Conduct Pulse Survey to read the satisfaction of your employees

Better Alternative to Emails

Understand your team. Make better decisions

Our Employee engagement surveys help you to effectively analyze your employees and see where they stand through a quantitative view of the problems. It’s something you cannot do via emails. The measurable feedback shows where significant team development opportunities lie and help you support, retain, and engage your employees.

Keka's Survey gives you structured data to analyse organisations behavior.


8 Key metrics to focus on employee engagement

To help managers understand when, where, and how to help their people, we’ve created our employee surveying mechanism based on 8 key metrics. Simple, meaningful questions help focus on measurable facets that will help you identify issues on time and explore ways to solve them.

Focus on Employee Engagement and bring your organisation together

SLA and Turnaround Times

Anonymous feedback as a better alternative to Glassdoor

Getting untruthful feedback is more dangerous than getting no feedback at all. Keka’s pulse surveys allow answering questions anonymously so your people can provide honest responses without having to contemplate how the interviewer thinks they should respond. Further, our reports give you the employee data you need to make the right decisions for your team.

Keka's Pulse Survey helps you give anonymous and honest feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Employee pulse survey software is a system used to measure employee engagement on job satisfaction, work culture, environment, workplace relationships, and communication via surveys. These surveys are sent out bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly, acting as a check-in.

The key features to look for in an employee pulse survey software are:

  1. Real-time insights
  2. Analytics
  3. Anonymous surveys
  4. Detailed Dashboard

Employee pulse survey software provides insights that can be used by HR managers to understand employees’ level of engagement and performance. By taking informed action, organizations can further improve or enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Employee pulse survey software helps design surveys and sending them out regularly. Employees typically vote anonymously. These surveys help look at problems from a quantitative perspective and identify employee development opportunities.

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