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The talent landscape is evolving, and so are the mediums of job application. From attracting skilled candidates to their successful onboarding, experience future-proof hiring with Keka's applicant tracking system.

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Manage your candidate pipeline

Build your talent pool and stay in touch with potential candidates to map them to relevant roles in your company that may be available in the future.

Manage your Candidate pipeline


Reach the right candidates

Analyzing numerous resumes for a job posting can be a painful and dauting task. Bring in the right candidates by communicating clear job descriptions and goals over high ranked job sites and social networks with Keka ATS software.

Reach the right candidate with ease


Treat every role's hiring process as a project

Managing and measuring candidate progress for each role shouldn't require you to build and maintain complex spreadsheets. A project management approach always gives you a clear picture of where you stand and how close you are to closing the position. 

Candidate Kanban help manage and measure candidate progress for reach role


Screen for the right skills

Conduct pre-employment tests for your candidates to realize if they are skilled and competent enough for your company's specific roles. Quickly glance at a candidate’s qualification status and rating in a particular test.

Select the Right candidate
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Every client has a different requirement and still Keka tries and accommodate it into the product. this is something appreciable.
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Every client has a different requirement and still Keka tries and accommodate it into the product. this is something appreciable.

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Scorecard for better hiring decisions

Fasten your decision-making process in promoting the candidate to the next hiring stage with scorecard. With scorecards, have a glimpse of test results and deliver feedback on potential areas of improvisation.

Get meaningful scorecards for better Hiring decision


Make the most out of your job board

Post and keep track of your openings being pushed to different sites from Keka's applicant tracking software. Get a bird’s eye view of the job posting to get identify the gaps in the hiring funnel.

Post and keep track of your openings


Insights to keep you alert

Reinforce your decisions and approaches with measurable data and analytics of your hiring scenario. Understand where the majority of your candidates are coming from at a given moment. Check the performance of your job postings and build an effective strategy to enhance your hiring process with ATS system.

Make better decision with measurable data


Simplify your interview schedules

An interview is a significant stage for both you and your candidate. Schedule the candidate’s interview with ease and help them prepare for the meeting in advance by leaving a note.

Schedule Interview with candidates with faster and easier portal


Easy Requisition

Create straight to the point requisition forms for vacant positions. Foster transparency by identifying and bringing approvers onto the approval chain to refine the form. A clear-cut requisition document helps management to take decision quickly.

Bring approver on approver chain

Offer letter management

Craft your offer letters

Creating an offer letter from scratch can be time-consuming. Choose from pre-defined templates in our system or customize it as per your need with candidate information, offer details, and necessary documents.

Craft your offer letter with the help of templates

Frequently asked questions

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is a software/application that manages the entire hiring process on a unified location including job postings, updates, scheduling interviews, candidate resumes, status, etc. It helps recruiters to speed up the hiring process in an efficient manner.

It makes the recruitment business more organized and structured. From posting the job online to employee on-boarding, each activity is being managed in ATS. It automates the tip-to-toe recruitment process and saves a lot of time and effort.

There are various Applicant Tracking Softwares available in the market. One should select an ATS that is easy to understand, has a mobile application available online, and has good data security.

Candidate Kanban: A clear picture of the candidate application status

Pre-employment tests: Pre-employment tests to assess candidate skills and competence

Scorecards: A glimpse of test results and feedback to help you make better hiring decisions.

Job boards: Post and keep track of your openings being pushed to different sites

Reports and analytics: Measurable data and analytics from your hiring scenario can help you make better judgments and approaches.

Keka's applicant tracking system provides a future-proof hiring experience, from attracting talented applicants to ensuring their smooth onboarding. It enables you to establish your own talent pool and keep in touch with potential candidates in order to match them to relevant opportunities in your organization that may emerge in the future.

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