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Offer is not the end of hiring process. It’s just the beginning.

We are all at war for good talent. Keka helps you lose no time in offer management and assists in engaging your candidates all the way from beginning and post joining.

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Offer management

Automated offer release process

A little oversight in managing multiple job offer releases can cost you candidates. Automate and speed up your job offer process by shortening the inter-department approval duration with redesigned offer management process in Keka.

Automate your offer letter releasing process with Keka's Recruitment System

Salary breakup

Accurate salary breakup with no need for a finance person

Candidates are always eager to know about their actual salary breakup. Keka Hire, with its integration to our robust payroll software, generates a precise and detailed salary breakup. Create the desired salary breakup on your own with custom forms without the help of a finance person or an excel sheet calculator.

Give the candidate an insight of their salary with ease

Pre-offer documentation

Seek documents and payslips before releasing an offer

Configure and request different preboarding documents specific to each candidate with Keka Hire. Collect past payslips, educational and other documents from the candidate in advance to ensure a smooth and swift offer release process.

Collect Pre-Offer letter Documentation easily
Sandra Savio

Keka manages everything. From onboarding to Exit, data management to expense management, Performance management setting to Payroll management.

Sandra Savio Assistant Manager- HR | Fynd
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Keka manages everything. From onboarding to Exit, data management to expense management, Performance management setting to Payroll management.

Sandra Savio

Sandra Savio

Assistant Manager- HR | Fynd

Offer letter templates

Offer letter templates for different roles

Making your job offer letter stand out for the candidate is as important as any other hiring stage. Explore appealing, and easy to edit offer letter templates for various roles. Select the pre-defined templates or prepare on your own, add the vital job information, and instantly send it to the candidate.

Offer Letter Templates available, making your work easy

Candidate portal

Mobile portal to engage the candidate

Lack of engagement can decrease the joining rate of the candidates. Help them stay updated on the hiring process by delivering messages directly to their inbox. Impress your prospective employees by posting exciting news about your organization.

Engage candidate with Mobile portal

Candidate engagement

Let your hiring managers and recruiters engage the candidate

Involve your hiring managers to share the next big challenge they’re working on to excite the candidate. Invite your candidates over a coffee for a quick informal chat with the team to enhance candidate engagement.

Engage with right candidate

Work Culture

Share videos and stories about your work and work culture

Sustain the enthusiasm in the candidate by giving a sneak peek of your workplace culture. Instill the sense of belonging by telling your brand's story with videos, pictures, and articles and keep their excitement up till their onboarding process.

work culture
Awesome Cta

Start growing with Keka today

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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