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Hiring Process

Before recruiting an employee, a company goes through a detailed process, that process has several steps and is known as the hiring process. Employers identify the need, strategize the recruitment, and hires the most qualified candidate for an open job opportunity.

It is the process of reviewing applications, selecting the right candidates to interview, test candidates, choose between candidates to make the hiring decision, and performing various tests. Selecting job applicants to interview, drafting good interview questions, and ultimately deciding which candidate to hire can be a daunting challenge.

An effective and efficient hiring process is important for recruitment success. Employers must hire people who can put forth the company’s positive image while performing with accuracy and efficiency. A thorough review of the applicant’s background is also essential to the hiring process.

The hiring process varies from company to company but there are common steps followed by all:

  • Identifying hiring needs.
  • Planning.
  • Creating a job description.
  • Advertise the position.
  • Recruiter and hiring manager intake meeting.
  • Posting and promoting job openings.
  • Recruiting.
  • Applicant screening
  • Interviews.
  • Applicant talent assessment.
  • Background check.
  • Pre-employment testing.
  • Reference checks.
  • Decision.
  • Job offer.
  • Hiring.
    • Includes some paperwork
    • Form W-4
    • Form I9 and E-Verify
    • State withholdings and restrictions
    • A checklist with all required paperwork to be completed by new employees
    • An organization’s employee handbag
  • Onboarding
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