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Top Gen-Z Demands From the Workplace
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 08, 2019

It has taken years for companies to understand the impact of the millennial workforce on workplace structure and dynamics The debate of millennials is not even over and

The Actual Reason Why Employees Dread Performance Reviews
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 28, 2019

We have read about and experienced how dreadful annual performance reviews can be for employees (and managers)!

How to Boost Employee Productivity
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 24, 2019

Productivity is a largely misunderstood concept Most of us confuse it with time management when it is so much more than just getting work done

6 Ways To Deal With Poor Performers
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 21, 2019

Not all employees are going to be great performers Even great performers sometimes experience a slack due to a variety of reasons Low employee productivity is not good for businesses

Technology or People – What are you Choosing?
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 18, 2019

Technology is changing lives all around From using the mobile phone to access any information in seconds to using voice technology to order cabs or play songs technology has seeped into all our lives on an everyday level

The Status of Employee Reward Programs Today
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 17, 2019

The conventional design of an employee rewards system consisted of a simple mix of compensation benefits and additional perks such as health insurance and paid vacations But sticking to this reward system is no longer feasible for companies

How Culture Drives Employee Motivation Levels
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 09, 2019

Great organizational culture is often thought of as an art of a magical tool the spell of which is known only to a few Over the last few years the discussion around the term culture is as hot

Employee Presenteeism is a Bigger Problem Than Absenteeism
Keka Editorial Team | May 28, 2019

In this fastpaced world it is so easy to feel lost and zone out sometimes right A boring lecture a bad movie a sad conversation with a group or individual

Annual Reviews are Stunting Employee Engagement
Keka Editorial Team | May 28, 2019

If you want your employees to bring in their best versions at work gear up your managers to become effective coaches To make this happen senior leadership must come forward and commit themselves to develop their employees through effective training and coaching and holding

Is It Possible To Improve An Employee’s Performance?
Keka Editorial Team | May 24, 2019

Managing the performance levels of someone else can be a tricky thing to do Yet managers everywhere constantly face this problem where they have to deal with an employees declining productivity levels

10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss TechHR India 2019!
Keka Editorial Team | May 22, 2019

From An Impressive Speaker Lineup Of Global Leaders To Invigorating Masterclasses To ThoughtProvoking Stories From The Most Experimentative Companies There Are Reasons Why TechHR India Is Not To Be Missed People Matters TechHR is where business happens It is Asias largest confluence of buyers produ

Reasons Why Even the Best Employees Quit Companies
Keka Editorial Team | May 21, 2019

Organizations have all kinds of employees Each employee has a different level of skill set aspirations and needs While it is imperative for organizations to create rich employee experiences for all what about those whove actually got their s%$t together

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