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Cross Functional Collaboration is Key to Successful Businesses
Keka Editorial Team | Apr 30, 2019

Organizations are seeing crossfunctional teams take over traditional hierarchies Competitive environments are forcing companies to become more agile and adopt team structures to carry out their operations

4 Ways Technology Can Make HR Teams More Productive
Keka Editorial Team | Apr 29, 2019

Productivity has always been a hot topic among HR professionals especially with the increasing demands of the modern workplace causing burnout rates to rise

Are HR Cloud Systems Delivering Value?
Keka Editorial Team | Apr 26, 2019

The last few years have seen a huge shift in HR services and products to the cloud Cloud computing platforms have been accepted wholeheartedly by most

Top Team-Building Activities for Mid-Size Companies
Keka Editorial Team | Apr 24, 2019

Great things in business are never done by one person Theyre done by a team of people ~Steve Jobs Organizations which believe in this saying are sure to succeed

Performance Management – The Manager’s Side of the Story
Keka Editorial Team | Apr 20, 2019

If you type effective performance management in Google you will get about results Whoa! Thats a huge number for this simple keyword

Employee Experience is Now Replaced With Human Experience
Keka Editorial Team | Apr 18, 2019

Human experience has officially taken over But where do organizations stand Improving life at work is becoming a major priority for organizations Employee experience as we know it has been rated as one of the top challenges for HR

7 Honest Leadership Lessons from Game of Thrones
Keka Editorial Team | Apr 16, 2019

There is not much difference between the world of Game of Thrones and the ruthless corporate world that we live in today

Performance Reviews are Not Going to Die. Here’s Why.
Keka Editorial Team | Apr 09, 2019

In the last few years traditional performance management practices have developed an increasingly bad reputation for focusing on numerical ranks and

6 Biggest Pain Points That Make Employees Cringe
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 29, 2019

Employees today care more about their workplace culture bosses and growth opportunities than they did two decades ago With strong economies jobs are easily available to them and most employees today are open to quitting their current jobs

Keka Editorial Team | Mar 29, 2019

As a newbie the TDS concept is not that easy to figure out The complexity and vastness make it hard to understand aspect for a normal person Also the rules and regulations are changed on a recurring basis

Making the Most Out of One-On-One’s With Employees
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 25, 2019

There are two things that come to my mind when I think of oneonone meetings Its either an event that employees really look forward to or it is an event that employees dread to participate in It is obviously better if it is the first one But to achieve a level of genuine interest in participation fro

8 Sure Shot Ways to Increase Employee Motivation
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 24, 2019

Employee motivation is critical because it directly or indirectly affects quality of work performance and engagement levels Traditional approaches have failed to look at these parameters

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