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How to Choose a Performance Management Software for your Business
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 24, 2019

is one of the biggest challenges facing the corporate world today Thankfully a lot of information is available to us now through global studies on what employees really want from their employers One common aspect of this is professional growth

A Powerful Tool for Employee Engagement You Shouldn’t Ignore
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 20, 2019

The importance of employee recognition is seen in Tinypulses report where percent of employees said they dont feel strongly valued for the work that they do That is quite a huge number in todays day and age when every company seems to be aware of the importance of employee happiness

How Does a Hyper Connected Workplace Affect Employee Performance?
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 10, 2019

There are so many communication tools that have given rise to new work relationships These new tools come with the hope and promise of making life easier for employees provide more intelligent and structured ways of getting work

The Link Between Employee Engagement and Customer Experience
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 09, 2019

We all know the positive relationship that exists between higher employee engagement and better business outcomes Along with this there is also a surprising link between employee engagement and customer experience (CX)

Using a Rewards and Recognition Strategy to Boost Engagement
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 06, 2019

For decades designing and implementing employee rewards and recognition programs has been a pretty straightforward process Health benefits a raise once a year and vacation time pretty much were what counted as benefits Well that age is over

3 Workplace Elements That Make Employees Happy
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 31, 2019

Happy employees are a boon to companies large and small But how often do we meet someone who cannot wait to go to work on a Monday Next to rare right Why is it so Why have workplaces turned into torture houses which people dread going to What are we collectively doing wrong in engaging our

Rudeness At Workplace Can Cost Your Business
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 29, 2019

Organizations often wonder about the secret to keeping growth high and constant While trying to find solutions they come up with so many ways from hiring the best

How To Gear Up For Gen-Z in The Workplace
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 25, 2019

The Gen Z has already entered the workforce This generation born in or later is going to transform the workplace from Heres why you need to take note

Here’s what 70% of employee engagement success comes down to
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 22, 2019

Employee engagement continues to be a puzzle even in Even though the term has been replaced by experience a lot still needs to be understood

4 Ways to Build An Indomitable Team Spirit In Your Company
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 20, 2019

The world is increasingly moving towards a teambased based outlook within organizations as opposed to focus on individual contributions Deloittes Global Human Capital Trends Report had percent of respondents saying that companies are pushing towards a more

How Great Leaders Handle Employees During Performance Reviews
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 18, 2019

Charlie Kim CEO at NextJump asks a very good question on leadership While comparing leadership to parenting he asks if your family is going through a hard time will you lay off one

3 Most Ignored Elements That Kill Employee Productivity
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 10, 2019

Executing performance reviews effectively continues to be a puzzle in organizations worldwide All kinds of technology are being introduced at a rapid pace in order to solve the burning problems of performance management While all this is good progress why is top management still unable to crack an e

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