Performance Review
3 Things Employees Hate About Performance Reviews

Its That Time Of The Year Again “ Getting Performance Reviewed Lets face it its not one of the most exciting things to look forward to But isnt a review of performance supposed to be a good thing Dont we all want to grow and become better learners with constructive criticism and guidance from ma

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5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated
5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

If Your Employees Are Motivated There Is Nothing They Cannot Do But daily life and mundane activities can get to them making even the most enthusiastic of employees lose their spark Motivation as a virtue is not very easy to understand It is complex and intertwined between various facets mostly

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Employee Experience at the workplace
10 Main HR Challenges of Retail Sector Owners and Human Resource Executives

With A Growing Economy And A YouthHefty Lifestyle Consumer Base India Is Perceived As Most Promising Land For The Global And Domestic Retailers According to a survey of IBEF its expected to increase by % by making it a US$ trillion market Total number of supermarket had increased from in

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HR tech blockchain
Role of Blockchain in the HR World

Blockchain Is The Technology Behind Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies It is a continually updated list of all the transactions or typically known as a shared digital ledger It enables a record of transactions to be stored and verified across a network and validated in realtime These records of tra

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hr strategy
Top 10 Apps Every HR Should Use

Every Hr manager and professional are now transforming as a strategic partner in the firm and they now do a wide variety of tasks from hiring to performance management for making that happen they need HR software and Hr apps to help them get the maximum output in this world of digitisation as whole

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Performance Management Success Story
Performance Management – Success Stories from Adobe & GE

The Total Number Of Posts And Reports On The Boycott Of The Annual Review System Have Filled The Internet In Recent Years GE Adobe Deloitte IBM and many other companies have moved away from their traditional annual reviews to technological solutions that track performance of employees on a re

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This MIT Professor Explains What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work
This MIT Professor Explains What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work

Two Most Basic Human Desires Are Validation And Recognition If a person is working hard they want someone they look up to or admire to witness their journey If people toil hard to achieve something they would want to be noticed and applauded for their efforts Without any notice or appreciation moti

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performance trends
Top 3 Trends Causing Major Shift in Performance Management

The Performance Management Revolution Is In Full Flight Companies across industries and geographies are relooking at the way they measure their employees performance In Deloittes Global Human Capital Trends Report  % executives rated the redesign of performance management at a high priority

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diversity creating employee engagement
The Role of Diversity in Fostering Employee Engagement

Earlier This Year A Viral Blog By A Female Employee At Uber Set Social Media On Fire It clearly brought out how female employees in top technology industries are still at a disadvantage because of their gender This was followed by a public apology by the CEO Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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find top talents
5 Hacks to Improve Your Recruitment Process in 2018

FINDING TOP TALENT IS DIFFICULT According to a survey done by The Novo group finding Top Talent is getting Tougher day by day According to their survey % of all the HR Leaders said that finding top talent is their number one challenge On an average % of resumes for managerial vacancies are

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Culture vs. Compensation – What Matters More?

Salary Figure Or Company Culture What Matters More When It Comes To Achieving Positive Levels Of Employee Engagement Dont think about making money think about making a difference spot where others are doing it badly and do it better ~ Richard Branson Lets try and understand this with

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Performance Management Trends for 2018

The Past Couple Of Years Have Seen An Enormous Amount Of Discussion Around Performance Management There were numerous conversations and debates around organizations across the globe debunking the age old and traditional annual performance reviews and following the paths of category leaders

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