How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation: Format & Templates
Parismita Goswami | Mar 05, 2024

A letter of recommendation serves as a professional endorsement from someone familiar with your work. As a recommender, your task is to emphasize the candidate's skills, achievements, and suitability for a specific role or academic program. 

Minimizing Absenteeism in the Workplace
Nikitha Joyce | Mar 01, 2024

Example of workplace absenteeism is Covid-19. In 2022, there was an average of 1.6 million absences per month in the US. There was a spike in absenteeism levels as employees prioritized their well-being.

How to choose right leadership style for you
Sidharth Yadav | Feb 27, 2024

Tactically deploying a leadership style can be critical to business success. But using the same style in different situations may prove counterproductive. Change style based on your team's needs and evolving business contexts.

Resignation Letter: Examples, Sample Formats, and Template
Parismita Goswami | Feb 19, 2024

Crafting a resignation letter can be daunting. In our guide, learn to gracefully exit your job with professionalism. Discover key tips, from expressing gratitude to providing adequate notice.

Keka HR Katalyst Hyderabad: ‘Focus on clear message to combat change fatigue’
Sidharth Yadav | Feb 13, 2024

Organizations must focus on clear communication, setting cadence, change management and celebrating milestones in an effort mitigate change fatigue, said a speaker at HR Katalyst summit in Hyderabad.

Is your employee disengaged? Here’s what you can do
Nikitha Joyce | Feb 08, 2024

Do employees find your organization irresistible? What makes it irresistible, and what doesn’t? Read here to understand the drivers behind employee disengagement while exploring the causes and solutions for it.

HRM vs HRD: 10 Key Differences With Definitions
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 05, 2024

Have you ever wondered - "Are HRM and HRD same?" Explore the mysteries in this blog, and manage your workforce more smartly!

Developing Employee Retention Strategies for 2024
Nikitha Joyce | Jan 31, 2024

77% of employers focus on employee experience to improve retention. EX can make or break the organization's ability to retain talent. Explore how to retain talent via some common mistakes, case studies, analyses, and strategies.

External Sources of Recruitment
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 25, 2024

Companies strategically utilize both internal and external recruitment to secure the top talent. Curious about the vital role of external recruitment strategies in shaping diverse teams? Dive into the blog to explore key sources and strategies!

Leave Encashment: Calculation, Taxation and Rule
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 22, 2024

Leave encashment is an often-ignored employment benefit, despite being a significant accrued component in the overall employee remuneration over the course of their professional life.

Types of Compensation: A Guide For HRs
Anwesha Panja | Jan 19, 2024

Competitive compensation packages are surely the right mix to ensure engaged and motivated employees. Explore expert insights on various compensation types to stay ahead in the evolving landscape!

Overtime Pay (India): Importance, Calculation, Common Mistakes
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 17, 2024

In today's fast-paced work environment, extra hours on the job have become the norm, sparking questions about overtime pay. Explore the blog to decode its meaning, avoid calculation pitfalls, and understand important governing laws!

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