Self-appraisal – Why, How to write, Examples, Phrases, Templates, Guide

Performance reviews bring more anxiety than joy Especially during a selfappraisal process An employees mind is full of things like  Should I only talk about achievements  Am I bragging too much  Am I being selfcritical  and more  Its difficult to know what exactly should y

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A coffee mug with a motivational word.
Adams’ Equity Theory – the theory of motivation all modern organizations desperately need!

The world isnt the same anymore Work has become stressful and competition has become fierce  There is no secret ingredient Its just you A quote from Kung fu Panda probably best describes the situation of employees at work   To outperform others consistently an individual has to do a lot

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Ace your telephone interview with these 6 tips

Have you got an upcoming phone interview   Trying to figure out what went wrong in previous telephone interviews   We all have been there and done some mistakes that have gotten us off the race to job   A phone interview isnt as easy as it sounds but with little caution you will

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A manager’s perspective on pulse surveys

The discovery of pulse surveys provided a huge surprise that I shouldve seen coming My team and I have often talked about the team and individual challenges Sometimes we even talk about the future Its fun to speculate what theyd look like if we can solve them and how we will improve our teamwork

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Employee Attrition
Keka – Your Fellow Traveller in the Journey of Anticipating Future Attrition!

  Every year a large number of companies hire new staff Not only do the organizations devote time and money in training new employees but they also have internal training programs for their current personnel The goal of these programs is to make their workforce more productive and engaged  

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Employee Burnout
Employee Burnout: The Early Signs and Prevention

Did you know that % of the millennial workforce was already experiencing burnout in the precovid era Sadly it has only worsened to % postcovid impacting them to a greater extent Employees have been affected in various ways by the pandemic whether its not knowing when to log off or the disproportiona

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linkedin recruitment
Find and recruit top talent from LinkedIn for free

Social medias power and influence are unimaginable and have aided in taking recruitment to the next level Virtual recruitment across social media has been booming since the advent of the pandemic LinkedIn has been prominent among the social networks and the top priority for recruiters to attract

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Quarterly Reviews to Save Your Organization from Annual Performance Headaches

Are you someone who waits for the entire year to conduct performance reviews  If yes then this strategy might be disastrous for your performance management plans in the future Employees can leave anytime and you dont come across poorly performing employees only a month before the annual performa

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Strategic Human Resource Management
Acing the Strategic Human Resource Management Process! 

One of the most critical obstacles companies face in todays competitive business environment is attracting and retaining qualified and skilled personnel No plan no matter how welldesigned will thrive unless the company has the right people in the right positions with the right skills and attitudes a

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Furlough vs layoffs
Furlough vs Layoffs – The Better Alternative?

 Realizing you dont have enough cash flow to cover payroll is one of the most difficult situations a company owner can face Unfortunately it has been a major issue in recent months with businesses being forced to lock their doors and cut their hours in order to comply with stayathome orders 

12 min read
A woman with a pencil between her teeth
Managing underperformance and turning underperformers into top-performers

People often confuse underperformance with poor performance Both are different Poor performance is when an employee is not performing well at the job due to factors like lack of skills resources plan competency etc   And how can one define underperformance  Underperformance is a case wh

8 min read
recruitment process
7 crucial stages in a recruitment process

Do you want to know what recruitment really is  But first let me ask you a question What does recruitment sound like for you   For me its like a trip    Recruitment requires planning just like the preparation for the trip days ahead All the trips do not necessarily go as planned and y

10 min read

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