harassment investigation steps
Steps to take for Harrassment Investigation

We (Name of the Company) strive to create and maintain a work environment in which people are treated with respect dignity and decency The environment of the company will be characterised by mutual trust an absence of intimidation oppression and exploitation It is the policy of (Name of the Company

10 min read
challenges that shouldn't be ignored by HRs
[Webinar Key Takeaways]: Challenges That Should Not Be Ignored By HRs In SME

In the recently organized webinar we were joined by Dheeraj Kumar Pandey an experienced HR Process Consultant and a Coach Dheeraj addressed the key challenges that are experienced by HR professionals especially in the SME space He shared his insights backed by expertise and methods that support

5 min read
managing workforce
Managing Your Workforce During a Crisis

The COVID ď Has Created Havoc Around The World Needless to say businesses are rebooting as we try to emerge out of the prolonged lockdown situation With social distancing becoming the new normal companies are adapting to new ways of working At this time of crisis HR leaders need to s

7 min read
Recruitment strategies for startups
5 Recruitment Strategies for Startups to Hire the Best Tech Talent

Hiring The Right Talent Is Often The Most Differentiating Factor Between A Thriving Organization And A Struggling Organization Gartner reports that % of critical roles in organizations remain vacant for more than five months due to the lack of sourcing and hiring the right talen

6 min read
goal setting in terms of uncertainty
Webinar Key Takeaways : Goal Setting In Times Of Uncertainty

In this weeks webinar Sanjay Devudu and Anjali Desai have discussed on the goals during the pandemic Ever since the outbreak of Corona Virus took place almost every sector has come to a stall except for a few essential businesses This forced companies to open the doors for new paradigms of work

6 min read
policies in employee handbook
Top 10 Policies for your Employee Handbook

Workplace policies need to be in place in order to establish boundaries and guidelines This holds good for the IT and communication section too Communication policies of an organisation set expectations and manage the flow of communications within and outside the organisation They facilitate meaning

9 min read
ultimate guide to tax
The Ultimate Guide To Tax

What Is Tax  Wondering what is tax Have a lot of questions regarding how does taxation work why do we need to pay it who is liable to pay etc Dont worry we are here to answer all your questions   Lets start with the basics first!  Tax is a duty or fees levied o

9 min read
Tax saving
Everything You Need To Know About Tax Saving!

With The Filing Season Coming In Everyone Is In Search Of Ways To Save Tax In order to figure out the taxsaving process you need to first identify the tax slab you fall under and also understand the significance of each of your salary components Salary Structure Salary consists of various compon

14 min read
Cracking tax code
Cracking The Tax-2020 Code !

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman Has Announced The Union Budget For And Proposed The New Income Tax Regime With The Revised Tax Slabs And Rates With this update the individuals now have the opportunity to decide if heshe wants to follow the new regime or continue following the old on

8 min read
Tax saving with keka
Tax Saving Made Easy With Keka!

With Tax Season Coming In Everyone Is Busy Figuring Out Ways That Will Help Them To File Tax Easily People often consider it as the most complex functionwhether its computation of income tax claiming deductions or filing returns  There must be a number of questions runn

7 min read
right referrals
Get the Right Referrals – How to Make the Most of Your Employee Referral Program

An Employee Referral Program Helps Organisations To Utilise Their Existing Talent Pool To Bring In More Talent From Their Existing Networks HR managers and recruiters root for referrals and mouthtomouth organic publicity for their products and services But very few treat their rec

6 min read
Creative Strategies To Recruit
5 Most Creative Strategies To Recruit Candidates Quickly

Creative Hiring Is Always Fun More than anything else it is extremely effective in eliminating the stress from a job interview allowing potential employees to express their views in a more friendly environment Recruitment doesnt have a successful oneforall defined path Thus it is e

7 min read

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