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Ice Breakers for Effective Collaboration in Workplace
Anwesha Panja | Jun 07, 2023

Are you running out of inspiration to make your meetings more productive? Here are a few ice breakers to bring the zing back into your daily meets, outings or team dinners!

The Growth Of The Gig Economy: The Role Of HR In It
Keka Editorial Team | Jun 05, 2023

The everevolving job market sees the gig economy emerging as a powerful force It has revolutionized the way people work and organizations operate As it continues to expand at an unprecedented rate it comes crucial for HRs to navigate this transformative landscape  This blog delves into the various

Grievance Management for HR Leaders – Examples, Solutions, and Frameworks
Anwesha Panja | Jun 01, 2023

Employee Grievances are one of the biggest headaches of every HR leader. Discover solutions, frameworks, and real-life instances to manage employee grievances with a whole new approach!

Succession Planning: A Roadmap for a Smooth Transition to the Future
Nikitha Joyce | May 31, 2023

Learn how to lay the foundation and improve succession planning from practical use cases, frameworks, HR models, and many more that can be tailored to an organization's needs.

How to start data-led talent transformation
Sidharth Yadav | May 30, 2023

For scaling firms, taking the first step in data-led talent management is a hurdle. Knowing your analytics capability first and advancing efforts in phases in the key. Still there are concerns of privacy and skills gap.

Keka’s HR Conclave: ‘Encourage learning to foster right culture’   
Sidharth Yadav | May 30, 2023

The first step to creating the right culture at a company was to foster an environment of learning a speaker said at the Keka SME HR Tech Conclave in Chennai   Tracing the genesis of culture Veena Sreeram Sr Manager Inclusion Transformation Guardian Life pointed out Culture results when you define

Keka’s HR Conclave: ‘Building organization culture a challenge in remote work’
Sidharth Yadav | May 16, 2023

Engaging minds Participants at the Keka SME HR Tech Conclave in Kochi Building an institutional culture was a challenge in the newer formats of working such as workfromhome and outsourcing a speaker said at Keka SME HR Tech Conclave in Kochi   For people in the early stages of their careers workfr

The HRs Guide to Benefits Management
Keka Editorial Team | May 07, 2023

Unlock the true potential of employee benefits management with our HR guide! Learn how to design, implement, and communicate effective benefits packages that attract and retain top talent in the post-pandemic world.

Acing Shift Management: Tips and Best Practices
Bhagyashree | May 06, 2023

A guide that provides effective strategies for managing work shifts in any industry. With practical tips and real-world examples to help shift managers create efficient and productive schedules and improve overall operations.

The Art and Science of Calculating Employee Costs and Value
Keka Editorial Team | May 04, 2023

Employee costs are one of the biggest expenses for any organization. Learn how to calculate employee costs, including departmental and upskilling expenses. Also, find out the methods to calculate and leverage employee value.

How to create competency framework that fuels your business
Sidharth Yadav | Apr 30, 2023

In World War II the US Army Air Corps did something different that helped them win   The Axis firepower on the opposite side had swelled and become more lethal Only innovation could help defeat it   So the Americans selected and trained fighter pilots based on what they did rather than what they

Is the HR Accountable for Mass Layoffs?
Sidharth Yadav | Apr 17, 2023

Layoffs are blamed on the HR, who bulletproof leaders taking tough decisions every time. But now HRs must speak up to claim the center stage of business. They should draw up workforce change plans and push for alternatives to layoffs.

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