HR issues during covid webinar
Webinar Key Takeaways: Managing HR Issues During COVID-19

There have been several rules and reforms coming in from the government and the companies must follow to avoid complications amid the lockdown Hence to give an account of major regulations for businesses Anjali Desai and Sanjay Devudu have come together in the webinar hosted by Keka HR and

9 min read
fired during covid
What Should You Do If You Are Fired During COVID-19 ? How and Where to Look for Jobs?

As The COVID Pandemic Continues To Grow Globally Businesses Are Slowing Down And Coming To A Near Halt While governments are strategizing on war footing to save the countrys failing economy and coming together to fight the pandemic the job market is facing a hard time Jobs run dry

7 min read
startups recruiting
7 Great Recruitment Strategies for Startups

Using Newspapers And Job Boards To Post Recruitment Ads And Hiring Based On The Job Applications Received From The Potential Candidates Is Passé Today organizations need to have a clear recruitment strategy with the organizational goal in mind Not only that but the recruitment strate

6 min read
Recruitment strategies for sales & marketing
10 Important Recruitment Strategies to Build a Strong Sales and Marketing Team

A Recruitment Strategy Is As Important As A Sales Strategy Just how an efficient salesman can deliver efficient sales strategies an efficient recruitment strategy will help you discover great salesmen A product may sell itself with its own USP but it takes the right sales recruitme

7 min read
Keka ekincare partnership
Ekincare and Keka Coming Together To Strengthen Employee Well-being and Engagement

Ekincare and Keka are driven to design an experience for both employees and as well as businesses in discovering the importance of employee wellbeing  This is where ekincare helps organizations in administering health benefits for employees through structured health data a

3 min read
digital transformation
Webinar Key Takeaways – Digital Transformation: HR Leading The Frontline

Its time for HR to unleash their potential to take charge of advancing their organizations aisle towards Digital Transformation  World businesses are evolving to use technology and innovation to keep up with the challenges that they are entangled in This has certainly pushed organization

6 min read
job portals in India
Top 10 Job Portals in India And What Makes Them Good

Gone Are The Days When Candidates Used To Walk Around With Copies Of Their Resume Dropping In Company Receptions In Hope To Get A Job Today we have plenty of job portals where recruiters and companies post their vacancies using recruitment software and candidates browse through th

8 min read
keeping a positive mindset
Webinar Key Takeaways: Halt. Think. Proceed – Keeping a positive mindset during turbulent times

In these unprecedented times that all of us are experiencing there are a range of emotions that individuals are going through  There has been a tectonic shift towards new paradigms and times that have changed drastically due to which the instability sneaked into individuals lives in terms of w

11 min read
Hiring in the Time of Covid-19

The COVID Outbreak Started In December Took Force In January And Got The World To A Halt In March And Honestly None Of Us Know When It Is Going To End! During these times we cannot help but advocate social distancing and following the government lockdowns However we need to keep the b

7 min read
webinar on managing the future of work
Webinar Key Takeaways: Professional Distancing – Managing The Future Of Work

In this period of pandemic the whole business model of organizations has been turned upside down and measures were followed to flatten the curve prioritizing everyones safety Social distancing has been the most heard and seen term everywhere around us as a way to contain the

10 min read
Keka Xoxoday partnership
Keka – Xoxoday Partnership For Emulating Better Employee Experience

Keka and Xoxoday have come together to fill the gaps of wellbeing and engagement in an organization We are driven to design an experience that is compelling to employees and letting businesses discover the essence of the great work culture while the processes are autom

4 min read
remote work
Re(mote) – Working The Business Paradigm

A webinar on navigating the Work From Home challenges for the first time organizations In the wake of the COVID outbreak the world has been witnessing chaos and panic Its affecting every sector and is puncturing the economy in a bad way The organizations are clearly on the employee side and

8 min read

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