"Let’s face COVID-19 crisis together"- Keka HR

On th March am we got a distress call from one of our clients Due to the Coronavirus outbreak they were customizing Work From Home(WFH) and Remote working processes for all their employees But they were struggling with setting up a sustainable mechanism so that the employees are indoor and safe an

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hiring remote workforce
Hiring Remote workforce – Is it for You?

Hiring Remote Workforce Has Lately Become Popular And Given The Convenience It Brings This Practice Is Here To Stay Today most companies across the globe are moving towards hiring remote workforce to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring the best talent As todays jo

7 min read
Budget 2020 for startups
What does Budget 2020 have for Startups? Which Direction Should Recruitment Decisions Take?

Indias Union Budget Was Recently Presented By The Honorable Finance Minister MS Nirmala Sitharaman And The Tech Entrepreneurs Couldnt Be Happier The finance minister revealed a series of measures that the Government intends to undertake for the industry along with some actionable

5 min read
respond to negative reviews
How to Respond to Negative Reviews About Your Company

Employers Who Take Their Employer Branding Seriously Listen Carefully To What Their Employees Are Talking About Them Especially On Social Media While you might not be able to satisfy each and every employee however it is important that you listen to them and respond to it in an approp

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college recruiting
How to Use College Recruiting to Build a Diverse Talent Pipeline

There Was A Time When Recruiting Was Pretty Much A Reactive Task When Vacancies Opened Up And Recruiters Were Requested To Fill The Gap However time has changed Campus recruitment is now a proactive game where recruiters work round the year to build a recruitment strategy and have a t

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building a winning team culture
Secrets to Building a Winning Team Culture

When It Comes To Building A Winning Team Culture In An Organization Many Leaders Often Tend To Underestimate The Importance Of Culture And The Value That It Can Bring In Any Organization A positive team culture speaks a lot about your organization and can affect the bottomline of

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employer branding
The Reason You Should Worry About branding

A Brand Represents An Organizations Values Promises To Its Customers And Employees Its Work Culture And What It Stands For Today organizations run their businesses on their brand value A brand is no more seen as just a logo and a set of specific colors but more than that A brand repre

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retain top talent
7 Ways to Retain Top Talent

There Was A Time When People Worked For Their Entire Career In One Organization Today switching jobs is the new normal with organizations recognizing employees who have worked for more than years for their long service The truth is millennial workers are always on the lookout to swit

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boolean search for recruitment
5 Tricks to Use Boolean Search Effectively in Recruitment

Sourcing A Candidate Who Exhibits All The Needed Skills For A Particular Job Is A Dream Of Every Recruiter Recruiters spend hours scouting through numerous job portals and social media platforms to find the right candidate While artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies

5 min read
hiring senior level executives
Best Practices While Hiring Senior Level Executives

Hiring Senior Level Executives Is Very Different From Hiring Other Employees In An Organisation It is a long and delicate process and may take months to find the right person Plus the person will need a lot of reassurance before heshe is convinced enough to make a decision In this a

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recruitment blogs
10 Best Recruitment Blogs You Should Follow This Year

If Youre A Recruiter Or HR Leader Then It Is No Brainer For You That The Recruitment Space Is Constantly Evolving And Changing With niche skills more indemand and employers shifting towards recruiting purposedriven candidates the key to hiring the right candidate lies with innovative

6 min read
attract talent
How to Attract Purpose-driven Talent

Traditionally Organizations Were Said To Be Of Two Types ProfitDriven Or PurposeDriven This Is A Belief Does Not Hold Anymore Today a company can be purposedriven and profitdriven at the same time A purposedriven company is a socially conscious organization that has a broader purpos

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