interview questions for marketing candidate
Top Interview Questions to Hire the Best Marketing Candidate

If Youre Building Your Marketing Team From Scratch It Is Important To Hire The Right Candidate Who Not Only Fits The Job Role But Fits Culturally Too You might find it difficult to weed through the heaps of applications you receive and may want to fill up the vacant positions quickly

6 min read
diversity while hiring
7 Ways to Encourage Diversity While Hiring

Diversity Is Very Closely Associated With Globalization And Progress As more and more corporates are realizing the importance of having a diverse workforce the onus of improving diversity in the workplace is falling on hiring managers and HR leaders Diversity is now an important pa

5 min read
ATS for recruiters
An Applicant Tracking System or Simply ATS is Meant To Help Recuiters To Streamline

An Applicant Tracking System Or Simply ATS Is Meant To Help Recuiters To Streamline Their Hiring Process A smart ATS performs many roles “ from attracting the right talent to providing data analysis An inefficient ATS system on the other hand can lead to delays in hiring and may cost

5 min read
recruitment cycle
How Understanding Recruitment Cycles Can Help You Source Better

If Youre A Recruiter Following The Complete Recruitment Cycle Can Help You Source Better And Fill The Critical Positions In Your Organization But before we talk about it in detail lets understand what is a recruitment cycle Typically the recruitment cycle has different stages These include iden

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tips for hiring right candidate
5 Tips for Hiring the Right Candidate

I Am Convinced That Nothing We Do Is More Important Than Hiring And Developing People At The End Of The Day You Bet On People Not On Strategies “ Lawrence Bossidy Irrespective of the industry and the business youre in it is your people who make what your company stands for  Hence you should be hi

5 min read
tips for social media recruiting
6 Tips on Social Media Recruiting Strategies

With The Growing Popularity Of Social Media And Other Online Channels Every transaction from buying a book or booking a hotel today is done after seeking out more information and firsthand reviews These reviews feedbacks and ratings are however available not just for commodities but also for organi

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must have features in ATS
6 Must-Have Features in your ATS

An Applicant Tracking System Or Simply ATS Is Meant To Help Recruiters To Streamline Their Hiring Process A smart ATS performs many roles “ from attracting the right talent to providing data analysis An inefficient ATS system on the other hand can lead to delays in hiring and may cost the company

5 min read
Okr implementation steps
What are OKRs and How Can They be Created – A Detailed View of OKR Framework

Fast Growing Companies Like Google Uber Etc Have Popularized The OKR “ Objectives And Key Results Methodology For Performance Review What are OKRs OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results OKR is a framework to set measurable and concrete targets within an organization OKRs helps

9 min read
core value
5 Steps to Define Core Values in Company and Ideology Behind it.

Organisations That Are Leaders In The Market Are Not Just About Their Balance Sheets They Have An Identity And Embody Something Here it is not only the brand perception that matters but also the internal health of the organization This identity comes through the core values a company has adopte

13 min read
Annual vs Quaterly
How do Annual OKRs Compare Against Quarterly OKRs

What Are OKRs OKRs started off by companies like Google and Intel are a performance metric set by decisionmakers and managers that guide outcomebased success The goal with OKRs is to turn goalsetting into a more taskdriven approach with measurable success points When setting OKRs t

7 min read
okr framework
How to Implement OKR Framework

As Organizations Aim To Scale Up It Is Crucial That Every Employee Is Working Towards Achieving An Objective That Is Aligned To That Of The Company While this has been done in most organisations already the individual tasks are long term and are reviewed only at the yearend The O

8 min read
new year resolution 2020
5 Fascinating New Year Resolutions For your Organization

The New Year Is Now Here And With This Comes The Process Of Making Resolutions To Start Afresh Its that time of the year where everyone is busy with setting up strategies to achieve their goals People make a long list of personal resolutions like adopting a healthy lifestyle traveling to new pla

5 min read

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