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Understanding Reimbursable components of salary in Indian Payroll
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 29, 2020

The term salary in Indian payroll has enormous elements in it It is formed by various components Basic Salary is one of them and the most significant one because various other components are dependent on it  It is a fixed component in an employee&#s payslip and forms the basic part of the salary It

Choose the best HR & Payroll software for your business in India – A buyer’s guide
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 29, 2020

Picking the Payroll Software in India is very difficult This article will help you in your decisionmaking process The estimated count of SMEs in India is million and with Indias Make in India push this number will increase exponentially in near future The Covid pandemic has brought a huge change wi

All you need to know about Post-Payroll Activities | Payroll Processing in India
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 29, 2020

PostPayroll is the third and final stage in the Payroll Process The whole payroll process comprises three phases the firstprepayroll activities the second actual payroll process and the third one postpayroll activities The process is prolonged and incorporates gigantic tasks Each task plays a signif

Payroll Processing in India: Step by-Step Guide on Process, Methods & Stages
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 29, 2020

Payroll Processing in India is an overwhelming process as it constitutes enormous financial elements like gross salary net salary bonuses daily wages leave compliances and many more such elements which are part of each employees hire to retire journey with an organization Employees are viewed as the

7 things to do on Christmas for employee wellbeing
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 28, 2020

a year that has been merciless on everyone and has taken the word unpredictable to a whole new level Nevertheless on the flip side some good things went well like Working From Home as we got the opportunity to stay with our families and also air pollution has been lowest in many years Of

86+ Employee Feedback Examples
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 26, 2020

In the busy world of today giving regular constructive feedback can be a challenge So when you finally get a chance to give performance reviews make sure you do them right To do it right we&#re going to help with + employee feedback examples However without knowing what to write or say when it comes

Balancing The Requirements of HRs Multiple Stakeholders
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 23, 2020

Recently we have had the honor of hosting an acclaimed academician a pioneer and beacon of Strategic HR world over Dr Wayne Brockbank partner emeritus at The RBL Group In the session Dr Wayne has thrown the spotlight on the evolving dynamics of HR through his study done with + HR professionals at th

All you need to learn about ATS
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 11, 2020

Hiring the best talent is at the heart of every business Your recruitment and hiring teams are already doing a great job but they need a slight push to do things even better That slight push is called an ATS which expands to Applicant Tracking System But do you need one If yes what are

Inside the crazy world of 360 Degree Feedback
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 08, 2020

As leaders search for ways to build healthy office cultures and high productivity among their employees most are missing a pretty basic point how their employees respond to performance stress To fasten the development of your employees you can choose from a variety of solutions available in the mark

Boring Stuff About Writing Performance Reviews That No One Talks About – Manager’s Guide
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 01, 2020

The Performance Review Guide we are about to show you will win you a better performance from your employees a lifetime of happiness and a really good review culture Maybe Whos to say But itll definitely make you a better manager If you are new to performance reviews then lets have a look at what

10 Refreshing Tips To Minimize Workplace Negativity
Keka Editorial Team | Nov 11, 2020

Employees are the most valuable assets for each and every organization And now with the Covid pandemic in the picture we see that HR teams and managers are rigorously working towards making it easier for the employees to adjust to this new normal With the emergence of remote work culture the role of

10 Things That Will Amplify Employee Loyalty
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 13, 2020

During Covid its not just right package and brand name that mainly impacts employee engagement and loyalty but a few more factors add to the list

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