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Why HR Must Use People Analytics In Decision Making?
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 06, 2020

HR of yesteryears was dependent on instinct and intuition but today modern HR specialists see the benefits of using people analytics in making better decisions Infact analytics have given HR the much needed facelift from being regarded as soft and old fashioned People analytics is a method of analys

Why Investing In Upskilling Your Team Is A Good Idea
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 06, 2020

Unsure whether you should invest in upskilling your team Here are some insights to consider

Top 7 Remote Employee Wellness Program
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 28, 2020

The typical environment of the workplace is evolving and has been around for quite some time but the extent to which it should be shifting is subject to debate

Using People Analytics To Drive Business Performance
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 28, 2020

People analytics gives you a datadriven approach to improve your business performance This guide will help you to get started

Impact Of COVID-19 On Performance Appraisal
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 28, 2020

The performance appraisal has been impacted significantly due to the COVID pandemic by way of altered KPIsin achieving short term goals and monetary benefits

Webinar Key Takeaways: The Secrets Of Strategic CHRO
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 24, 2020

Firstly we want to thank our attendees and readers who have been a part of the webinars over the past weeks in our SME HR Series as it finally comes to an end It has been a funfilled rollercoaster ride for having to host industry experts and stalwarts on our platform and help nurture the

Webinar Takeaways: Data Driven HR 101: Building The Ground For HR Analytics
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 21, 2020

Data and analytics are crucial for making a decision that aids in people and organizational development A strategic HR can drive outstanding business outcomes with the help of HR data  However HR Data has been existent for a long time now but is gaining more traction in recent times In order to mov

What Does A CEO Look For In An HR Professional
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 21, 2020

CEOs are busy If you want to make an impact as an HR leader here are some tips to help you understand what a CEO looks for in an HR professional

Webinar Key Takeaways: Marrying Corporate Values To Social Responsibility
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 16, 2020

Apart from making good fortune businesses that are inclined towards acting in the best interests of society carry an outstanding reputation among the community Their names can deeply ingrain in the minds of people which can impact on their decisions Lately the word Diversity & Inclusion is gainin

Hiring Right During COVID 19
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 14, 2020

The global pandemic caused by COVID has wreaked havoc on most industries

10 Employee Recognition Activities In A Remote workplace
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 14, 2020

ways to recognize your remote employees to keep up their morale during the times of COVID

Employee Surveys – Why Are They Important And How You Should Do It
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 14, 2020

Employee surveys are one of the best ways for employees to voice their opinions and raise concerns Working on the feedback will help in the growth of the organisation and the employee

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