Embracing The New Normal of Working From Home
Embracing The New Normal of Working From Home

Workplaces Are Embracing Remote Working More Than Ever Amidst The Pandemic Work from home has gone from being an option to a mandate for many industries Leading companies such as Google IBM Twitter and so on across the globe are embracing flexible workplace arrangements since they nee

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Moving forward in the new normal
Moving Forward In The New Normal

COVID The Name Which Will Recall Many Stories In Peoples Minds For Years To Come Such is the impact it had across all levels of life Apart from all the chaos that the pandemic had invited there were some beautiful aspects that we could witness ie changes owing to the imposition of loc

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evolving role of HR during crisis
The Evolving Role of HR During COVID Crisis

The COVID Crisis Has Changed The World For Us From individual behaviors to how businesses operate “ there has been a paradigm shift as compared to the preCOVID world Needless to say the role of HR and human resource management has evolved too Amidst all the chaos the quick evolu

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managing team spirit
Managing Team Spirit in the Post Pandemic World

As Employees Have Stayed Locked Down Inside Their Homes And Limited To Their MakeShift Study Tables For All Their Working Hours The Monotony Seems To Be Taking A Toll On Their Productivity And Also Hampering Their Collective Team Spirits While most of your employees have accepted

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HR Entrepreneur – The Future Buzzword

We Live In A World Of Constant Dynamic Changes And Technological Advancements With an everevolving business environment and growing expectations of the GenZs entering into the workforce business as usual is not an option anymore The future of work is obviously on a roller coaster

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Recruitment video
How to Make a Recruitment Video

Video Content Is Becoming Immensely Popular  A recent survey revealed that  billion hours of YouTube content are watched per day around the world But what makes video content so popular Thats because video content is engaging they can be watched onthego and can be easily shared In

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Benefits of hiring referred employees
Benefits of Hiring Referred Employees

Employee Referrals Are Brilliant Have You Ever Considered Hiring New Employees For Your Business Using Employee Referral Schemes If not then why not Your team currently (if of course they are hardworking skilled and competent) is in the ideal position to recommend employees who ar

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rediscover & rejuvenate webinar
[Webinar Key Takeaways]: Who Am I? – Rediscover Yourself and Rejuvenate Relationships – Personal and Professional

In our recent webinar with Anjali Desai and Sanjay Devudu the duo discussed the significance of understanding personality and its impact on relationships both at a personal and professional level  Together they established that it is crucial to rediscover oneself and ideate an approach to

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workplace policies for organization
7 Must Have Workplace Policies For Organization Growth

Workplace policies are a set of rules that govern your behaviour at work These policies ensure that we work in a healthy productive and lawful environment Tampering these policies may affect your productivity as an individual and can even extent to your team and the company as a whole Any s

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strategies to hire trainee recruiters
8 Strategies to Hire Trainee Recruiters

An Organization Needs To Hire Employees At Some Point Or The Other To Run Its Operations Successfully Whether youre a Fortune company or a startup you cant manage to run your business without people Hiring is an integral part of any organization and recruiters are the ones that m

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best job descriptions
7 Tips to Write The Best Job Descriptions

Times Have Changed Rapidly Making Cash Flow Limited And Forcing Everyone To Control Costs Thus it is important to hire the most suitable candidate who can perform well enough to reduce the need for more employees  To find such efficient employees start by writing  great job des

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KPIs for measuring recruitment
5 Key KPIs For Measuring Recruitment Success

Measuring Recruitment Success Is The Best Way To Curb Costs And Increase Efficiency In Recruitment It is measured using various quantifiable recruitment metrics that compare one recruitment drive and procedure to another and determine the optimal method for the organization Measuring

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