communication while working remotely
Why Workplace Communication is Important While Working Remotely During Crisis

As Organizations Continue To Operate From Home  Employees Are  Increasingly Finding Themselves Isolated From The Office Setup And Colleagues  As they figure out methods of working from home while managing dual roles of household chores and official work  technology is providin

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healthy work culture for remote employees
How to Build a Healthy Work Culture for Remote Employees

The COVID Outbreak Has Seen A Major Shift In The Way Work Happens In The World Today From social distancing to entire offices working remotely one aspect that is being pushed aside in terms of priority is company work culture Peter Druckers words Culture eats strategy for breakfas

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organization staying productive in Covid
Here’s How Our Organization Is Staying Productive During COVID-19

Like Any Other HR Professionals I Too Felt Anxious When Maneuvering Our Organizations Shift To A FullFledged Remote Work Due To The COVID Crisis The best comparison I can do with it is moving the bottom blocks of a fully stable structure in Jenga You need to change or add new processe

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Management of performance of remote employee
Managing Performance of Remote Employees

The Ongoing Covid Crisis Has Made Remote Work Unprecedented And Inevitable Being in the same room as your employee it is easy to provide feedback ask questions make eye contact tap them on the shoulder or just walk upto their desk Their response can be gauged in person and by read

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high performing remote company culture
[Webinar Key Takeaways]: Creating A High Performing Remote Company Culture

The Business World Has Been Shaken To The Core With The Wave Of COVID What was once talked about has come into existence ie organizations going fully remote Although this unanticipated shift startled the businesses in the initial stages it is turning into an opportunity for them to sa

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handle layoffs caused by covid
How To Handle Layoffs Caused By COVID 19

The Continuing Onslaught Of COVID Has Brought The Economy To A Grinding Halt All Across The World This in turn has triggered staggering job losses everywhere Many businesses have had to close their doors permanently and those who havent are struggling to stay afloat The only thing th

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virtual onboarding
How to Build a Virtual Onboarding Process

The Employee Onboarding Process Is The Most Crucial Process For The HR Function Because It Sets The First Impression Right For An Employee An employee needs to feel welcomed understand the processes clearly and integrate with the team well to start on a positive note But with the pand

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initiative for HRs to implement post lockdown
10 Initiatives for HRs to implement post lockdown

As We Are Coming Out Of The Lockdown In A Phased Manner Businesses Are Getting Back To Work Embracing The New Normal Interestingly as per the People Matters COVID survey % of the participating companies mentioned they do not have a post lockdown strategy Here are ten initiatives fo

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work from anywhere
Work From Anywhere – Is It Really The Future?

If We Could Just Teleport Back In Time A Few Months Ago Many Organizations Have Misjudged The Scope Of Having FullFledged Remote Work Ironically the same organizations have now enforced their employees to work from home in the wake of the COVID outbreak For the record tech giants Twi

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Performance Evaluation During the Pandemic

During The Current COVID Pandemic Business As Usual Is Difficult As the global economy is struggling to cope we can already feel the impact on key business and people processes While hardships are encountered at various levels Human Resources (HR) is no exception HR is pulled in seve

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work from anywhere
Maintaining Work from Home Productivity

The Announcement By WHO About Months Ago Declaring COVID As A Global Pandemic And Asking People To Maintain Social Distance And Remain Indoors To The Extent Possible Has Fractured Many Layers Of Work In The World While prioritizing employee safety not compromising on business pro

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work from anywhere
Future of Work: Work from Anywhere | Work from Home – The new normal

The Pandemic Has Changed Our Lifestyle And How Businesses Were Done Remote Working Became The New Normal As Countries Across The World Went For A Lockdown Even as lockdown restrictions have eased  several organizations have held on to the remote workplace concept Quite a few organiza

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