corporate values to social responsibility
Webinar Key Takeaways: Marrying Corporate Values To Social Responsibility

Apart from making good fortune businesses that are inclined towards acting in the best interests of society carry an outstanding reputation among the community Their names can deeply ingrain in the minds of people which can impact on their decisions Lately the word Diversity & Inclusion is

7 min read
Hiring in pandemic
Hiring Right During COVID 19

The global pandemic caused by COVID has wreaked havoc on most industries Several organisations are working hard to retain their workforce employees are getting used to the new norm of working from home and job seekers are wondering if they will find employment and if so when Today business expansion

9 min read
employee recognition activities for remote workplace
10 Employee Recognition Activities In A Remote workplace

The COVID pandemic has been raging the world for quite some time now While businesses are slowly recovering many countries are now directly reporting a second wave of the infection With no clear picture of when all this will end companies like Twitter have gone completely remote wh

6 min read
employee surveys
Employee Surveys – Why Are They Important And How You Should Do It

No matter what a company does or how far it has come there is always scope for improvement Gathering employee feedback is the first step towards making more informed decisions that affect the people of the organisation Employees can contribute to shaping the workplace culture when there is an outlet

10 min read
redefining Goals & OKRs
Webinar Key Takeaways: Redefining Goals & OKRs: Harmonizing With The New Normal

Owing to Covid businesses had to reshuffle and restructure their processes to adapt to the new circumstances Goal setting is one of the significant aspects that were vulnerable to change for almost every organization To sustain employee productivity and meet the client demands the restructuring was

5 min read
softwares for remote work
11 Best Software To Help You Build A Successful Remote work Culture

The last few months have seen remote work ramping up as businesses are more open to transform their work culture into a remote environment with respect to the social distancing norm during the pandemic Remote work is certainly more popular now than ever before but there are still some hurdles in ach

10 min read
team building activities during lockdown
10 Team Building Activities During Lockdowns

An increasing number of employees are working from home globally due to the recent COVID outbreak The biggest challenge that HR leaders and managers are facing is keeping their employees engaged in the workplace In this article we share ten team building activities that your virtual team members wil

7 min read
roles & responsibilites of HR during crisis
Roles and Responsibilities of HR during this Crisis

To date the role of HR was to keep up with things like wellness of employees payroll and benefits recruitment and employee engagement keeping things under the perimeter of employment law and deal with issues that may interfere with the daytoday operations of any businesses In short HR had been respo

7 min read
employee engagement initiatives
Employee Engagement Initiatives to Boost Morale Post Lockdown

The Novel Coronavirus Has Been Ravaging Every Corner Of The World It has challenged our way of living and working disrupting the status quo of life as we knew even a few months ago Businesses came to halt leaving hundreds of employees losing their jobs After the forced lockdown busine

6 min read
measure productivity of remote employees
How to Measure Productivity of Your Remote Employees

With Social Distancing Becoming The New Normal In This Time Of COVID More And More Organizations Are Embracing Remote Working At this juncture HR and business leaders are posed with the biggest question how to measure the productivity of their remote employees Tips To Measure Pr

6 min read
tech hiring for SME
Webinar Key Takeaways: Re-Imagining Tech Hiring That Works For SME

In our recent webinar we had Nisha Nayar join the conversation with Anjali Bhole Desai to discuss Hiring trends in SME Nisha has a vast years of experience being associated with renowned organizations like Deloitte Intercon THub and many SMEs in the HR domain She is currently the Business Unit Head

4 min read
women's perspective of work from home
Webinar Takeaways: Women’s Perspective Of WFH: Work, Family, & Household

In our most recent webinar we were joined by Aparna Shekar Hema M Srinivas and Sanjay Devudu who discussed the new era of work as experienced by women With work from home being the new norm the demands of work and family have significantly risen making worklife balance a more challenging aspect

5 min read

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