employee 360 degree review
Inside the crazy world of 360 Degree Feedback

As leaders search for ways to build healthy office cultures and high productivity among their employees most are missing a pretty basic point how their employees respond to performance stress To fasten the development of your employees you can choose from a variety of solutions available in the m

19 min read
Managers guide to write performance review
Boring Stuff About Writing Performance Reviews That No One Talks About – Manager’s Guide

The Performance Review Guide we are about to show you will win you a better performance from your employees a lifetime of happiness and a really good review culture Maybe Whos to say But itll definitely make you a better manager If you are new to performance reviews then lets have a look at wh

11 min read
minimize workplace negativity
10 Refreshing Tips To Minimize Workplace Negativity

Employees are the most valuable assets for each and every organization And now with the Covid pandemic in the picture we see that HR teams and managers are rigorously working towards making it easier for the employees to adjust to this new normal With the emergence of remote work culture the role of

7 min read
amplify employee loyalty
10 Things That Will Amplify Employee Loyalty

I always maintain a close connection with employees which helps me understand issues and discover innovative ideas and solutions from employees These conversations also opened doors to drive awesome employee experiences by assimilating what employees really care about Seriously what benefits do e

8 min read
People Analytics
Why HR Must Use People Analytics In Decision Making?

HR of yesteryears was dependent on instinct and intuition but today modern HR specialists see the benefits of using people analytics in making better decisions Infact analytics have given HR the much needed facelift from being regarded as soft and old fashioned People analytics

7 min read
Upskilling Your Team
Why Investing In Upskilling Your Team Is A Good Idea

With the evolution of technology the demand for a skilled workforce is at an alltime high With the availability of only a handful of employees with niche skills there is a steep competition between organizations to hire the right candidate with the coveted skill sets especially in fields like AI mac

5 min read
Remote Employee Wellbeing Program
Top 7 Remote Employee Wellness Program

Employee wellness has proven to be a makeorbreak factor for organizations As an HR professional or wellness expert you might be well aware of its impact on the organization These wellness programs not only play a key role in generating intangible benefits such as enhanced productivity low employee t

8 min read
people analytics
Using People Analytics To Drive Business Performance

Analytics and data science have been disrupting how businesses are done They have created a profound impact on how HR leaders make their strategic decisions instead of relying on instinct and intuitions People analytics also known as talent analytics help HR leaders leverage the power of data thus r

7 min read
covid impact on performance appraisal
Impact Of COVID-19 On Performance Appraisal

The COVID pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the way we live and work forcing businesses to reconsider even the most established business practices One of the key aspects under reconsideration is regarding how best to manage employee performance and conduct performance appraisal As technology

12 min read
secrets of strategic CHRO
Webinar Key Takeaways: The Secrets Of Strategic CHRO

Firstly we want to thank our attendees and readers who have been a part of the webinars over the past weeks in our SME HR Series as it finally comes to an end It has been a funfilled rollercoaster ride for having to host industry experts and stalwarts on our platform and help nurture the HR communit

7 min read
ground for HR analytics
Webinar Takeaways: Data Driven HR 101: Building The Ground For HR Analytics

Data and analytics are crucial for making a decision that aids in people and organizational development A strategic HR can drive outstanding business outcomes with the help of HR data  However HR Data has been existent for a long time now but is gaining more traction in recent times In order

7 min read
Human resource professional
What Does A CEO Look For In An HR Professional

CEOs today want their HR leaders to enable the human capital of the organization They are no longer seen as administering HR practices but as strategic business partners ready to create an impact and disrupt the way work is done Organizations that consider people as their most important asset value

5 min read

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